Monday, 21 August 2017

My Everyday Beauty Supplements.

My love for supplements started last year when I was working for a health food PR agency. Being surrounded by people who seemed to reap the benefits of taking supplements all day long made me question why I didn't yet I would happily spend so much money on beauty products.
There is so much goodness out there in supplement form, most of which you won't realise you even need until you start taking them. Tiredness, dull skin, mouth ulcers, headaches, they can all be signs of you being deficient in something.

It just takes a little research and some trial and error.

Before I knew it I was drinking licorice tea at my desk and found getting out of bed each day slightly less hideous.

I now take the ones that work for me, no more and no less. I don't buy into the super food powders because I've never really gained much from them but in terms of my energy levels and my skin I have found these few to be the most beneficial. I do try and eat as well as I possibly can but I just wanted to make it clear that you can introduce vitamins and supplements even if you don't religiously eat clean because I definitely don't <3

This is the newest addition to my routine but I wanted to give this a real go first so I can give an honest opinion on whether or not it really delivers the goods. It's now been 7 weeks and I'm pretty much coming to the end of my second pack and as much as I can't believe I've spent £40 on hair vitamins I can honestly say I am so glad I did.

In terms of hair growth it will take about 4-6 weeks to notice anything but oh boy, when it grows it really grows.

I got the majority of my hair cut off in February and had been struggling to grow it out ever since but these have given it such a boost and yes, I will be definitely be buying more.

Blooms Matcha Green Tea Powder 
I must admit I don't drink this every single day simply because I usually forget and instant coffee is kinda nicer, not going to lie.

However, this is probably my favourite part of my routine purely because of how it makes me feel.

It gives an instant boost in a way which coffee doesn't. I usually drink this prior to a workout and I do find I am able to train slightly longer than I would on a day where I don't drink it. I drink mine simply with hot water, I whisk the powder up first and then add boiling water although I did try it with almond milk as a latte and that was much tastier so it's all trial and error.

Vitamin C and Rosehip 
I take this simply because we are approaching the end of summer, although I'm sure you would argue it ended about 5 weeks ago. This means I am even more prone to coughs and colds than normal, I've been taking this for about 3 months and so far so good.

I would say as a general rule taking vitamin c is a great starter, not going to lie I am not sure what the rosehip really does but I'm sure it's not doing any harm.

Spatone Liquid Iron 
Possibly my most important supplement simply because I'm anaemic.

It was only when I started needing to nap every day at around 4 that I realised that probably wasn't normal for a 21 year old with a generally healthy appetite.

I tried the iron tablets prescribed by my GP and they gave me the most awful stomach cramps and were just generally hideous to take. If you've taken them too you will know the struggle.  I managed to find this amazing liquid alternative, it does taste a little unpleasant on it's own but I mix with orange juice every morning and I really don't mind taking it - although steer clear of the apple flavoured one because that is pretty grim.

I also eat red meat and have a large handful of spinach every single day and I still take my iron supplement. Even if you're not anaemic chances are you probably aren't getting enough iron into your body, especially if you're a woman and you have heavy periods, this stuff is a must have.

Magnesium and B6 
I started taking magnesium and B6 after researching natural anxiety/stress relief and this popped up quite frequently at being effective.

It is supposed to regulate the nervous system and help calm down anxious thoughts so you can manage stress. I won't vouch for this and say it has 100% relieved stress and anxiety because that would be a lie. It may be a complete coincidence but I have been taking this now for about 3 months and I do find amongst other things I am sleeping better and it does seem to have a slight calming affect which usually hits me around 90 mins after I take one. I would say to definitely do your research before hand as I did but if you are at your wits end with anxiety/stress then I would definitely encourage you to look into this as a possible coping mechanism.

Not as fancy as it sounds, I usually just down an actimel after breakfast and be done with it.

Reason I started drinking these again was because I was put on antibiotics for quite some time due to an infection and they really messed up my stomach. The doctor advised me that taking probiotics really help to replace the good bacteria that you've lost, makes sense when you think of the anti and pro aspect.

Since taking them not only has my stomach returned back to it's relatively good old self but they have also helped massively with my IBS symptoms so definitely worth looking into if you too suffer with food intolerance.

Even if you just stick yogurt on your weekly shopping list then it can't do any harm.

* I have also dabbled into the taking cod liver oil daily but gave up after 6 weeks as it really broke my skin out, so I now just ensure I eat fish 2x a week but if you can stomach it then CLO is a really great supplement to start with.

Do you have any recommendations? 
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