Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Simple Guide To SEO & Driving Traffic To Your Blog

When I first heard of SEO I was like yep, uh huh, sign me up RIGHT now.

I then made a few simple tweaks, hit publish and expected a shit storm of comments, page views and overnight fame, at least something like that.

I was pretty miffed when it didn't happen.

In the simplest of terms SEO is about getting your blog to the very top of the google search page so when you type in your name you are faced with more than just your My Space profile picture from 2012. It means you can be found rather than awkwardly stumbled upon, it does take a whole lot of time and a lot of patience before you reap the benefits but it doesn't mean you shouldn't get involved.

SEO Won't Make a Difference Overnight

I know how pointless it can seem to be doing something as small as naming an image or including a link in a post and I myself used to question how much of an impact these things would actually be making, I probably even rolled my eyes and vowed not to get sucked in by something so tedious BUT it works.

Only reason I know is because I have been watching my DA score like a hawk.

I check it usually every couple of weeks and it may be a coincidence but after it being on the same low score for 10 months it has finally started gradually creeping up since I have put a few of these pointers into practice. It takes time and patience but SEO is a such a big thing for a reason, just remember that when you're renaming and editing 23, 9480 images.

Internal / External Links

This is probably my favourite thing to do as not only will it help your SEO but it makes seamlessly linking previous posts an absolute doddle. Wherever possible include a link to a previous post relative to whatever it is you are writing about and it will also really encourage readers to check out whatever is in your archives.

Point being no one likes scrolling endlessly through months and months of content when they are looking for something specific so do them a favour and include links.

Same goes for external links, my personal favourite being links to fellow bloggers posts which I have been loving, such as this one by the wonderful Chloe Plumstead.

Seamless <3

Consistent Content

I have a love/hate relationship with this bit of advice seeing as I am a firm believer that you should never create content for the sake of creating content. Writers block is definitely a thing and instead of trying to scare it away you usually just need to ride it out.


Creating content regularly will obviously encourage readers and traffic onto your site on a much more regular basis.

I often find that creating content ahead of time is the best way to overcome this, perhaps set aside a few smaller posts that you can whip out when you're having a bit of a mental block to ensure your site is always offering something new and exciting.

Get On Pinterest 

Good old Pinterest, the app that makes me want to smash my phone against the garden wall almost as much as Instagram does.

However, if you can crack it then honestly it really does drive so much traffic, it's probably now my biggest source of traffic whereas previously I've only ever really relied on twitter.

I don't have super fancy images, I don't edit them or make them look any better than normal but I do make sure I pin at least 30 images every single day to my boards.

It keeps your account fresh and pleasing to look at plus it helps boost your followers which is all the better for when you promote your own content.

It does take time but it is so worth having, and you get to look at some really pretty pictures so it's not so bad.

Add Your Blog To Google 

I didn't know this was a thing but apparently it is so it must be worth doing.

All you need to do is log into your google account and copy your URL into the box and it will let google know that your site exists so they can possibly start adding it to their index.

No I don't really understand it either but apparently we should be doing it.

Rename Images 

Img_3427.jpeg just isn't really all that catchy is it?

However image-SEO-blogger-post-guide-traffic.jpeg is a much safer option at actually bringing in some traffic. A lot of people stumble across posts via google images so it's always a good idea to name your photos and allow people a much better chance of actually stumbling upon them.

Simple but pretty effective.

Do you have any SEO tips?