Monday, 5 June 2017

How to Contact a Brand/PR as a Smaller Blogger : Part 2

My post on how to contact a brand as a smaller blogger still remains my most viewed post since I started this blog, it now has over 1K views and is my most liked, commented on and shared post of all time.

THANKS guys <3

So, I figured it was time for a follow up.

Because I have a few extra tips and tricks up my sleeve and I figured a refresh is always a good thing.

* If you've been following all the blogger drama on Twitter recently, which lets face it is kinda hard not to when you literally wake up to a shit storm every morning, you''ll probably be feeling a tad deflated. Well, I wanna start by saying only YOU can make your blog a success, if you put in the hard work then who says you can't make it big, it has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of people in the industry, yeah we all like avocados and pretty flatlays but SO WHAT. I know from working in PR that there is always room for more bloggers in the industry, or likewise if you don't wanna make it big then that is just fine, you do you and try not to worry too much about what everyone else is doing *

1. Twitter 

Twitter is the big daddy when it comes to working with a brand, if you aren't on the platform or you don't really care for it too much then you could be missing out on SO many potential collaborations.

It's direct and it's instant.

How often do you check Twitter? Probably every 30 seconds. How often do you check your emails? Probably twice an hour and even then with all the Viagra discount codes you've been spammed with you prob put replying to them at the very bottom of your to-do list, right after you've binged Greys Anatomy.

My point exactly.

Emails are fab but Twitter is a trick not be missed out on.

So get on it, get active, follow all your favourite brands, google some London based PR firms and follow them too, just follow to your hearts content. Send a DM, ask to work with a brand, tag them in non sponsored posts, just be a little bit persistent. Also hashtags are great for searching for opportunities, search #bloggerswanted, #bloggersrequired and #prrequest daily for any brand shout outs as they actively search out bloggers.

As long as you are nice you are not being annoying.

And if you are then they prob just won't reply,

But THEIR loss.

2. Host a Giveaway 

Giveaways are the best way to introduce yourself to a brand in the smoothest way possible.

Whether you're asking a brand to collab with you on a giveaway or you've purchased the products yourself it's a fantastic way to let a brand know that you love them enough to want to share their products with your readers.

Asking a brand to send you products in which you can use and enjoy is one thing but asking for them to gift you a product in which you are willing to give to a reader and share on multiple social media platforms is going to sound way more appetising, the brand is likely to gain so much more exposure and therefore you have a better chance of future collaborations.

3.  Contact PR Firms NOT Brands

I have very rarely ever had success by directly contacting a brand, brands obviously have press departments and I guess depending on your stats/DA score/following you have a better chance of working with an individual brand but for bloggers starting out I highly recommend contacting a PR firm.

Difference being PR firms look after several different brands, dependant on the company they may have clients similar to one another, ect - a food based company which would obvs be perfect if you wanted to work with a food brand but wasn't fussy about which one.

Clients come and go for PR firms so it's always a good idea to send a quick email introducing yourself, advising that you would love to be kept in mind for any future collaborations should a brand come along that they feel you would be the perfect fit for, rather than pushing for a collab yourself sometimes it's a good idea to leave it to them.

Generic 'blogger collaboration' emails will usually get forwarded to a suitable member of the team who can get back to you if they feel you are a good fit for one of their brands. Obviously all of the account managers work together as a team but they will have individual clients they work on so if your email ends up in someone hands it may be forwarded to someone else who has a client more relative to you.

Whereas with an individual brand you could be dismissed in less than a minute if that person isn't really feeling your email.

Some good firms to get started with:

Essence PR
Push PR
Taste PR

Check here for an example email to send.

4. Look at a Brand relationship as a long term thing.

When it comes to working with a brand, you don't do casual.

I don't care if a drunken fling is your kind of thing on a Friday night BUT when it comes to your blog you need to build a relationship.

Slide into those DM's if you bloody have to just make a connection and please NO automated messages because that should just be illegal.

Basically be friendly but not creepy, be professional but not boring,

Just be you <3

5. Keep in Contact/Share Coverage 

Which leads me nicely onto coverage.

Once you start to be sent some products bear in mind that although you are absolutely not inclined to write or feature anything on your blog and/or social media (unless of course you are being paid or have an agreement) you are probably not going to be hearing from them again unless you do.

Harsh but true.

They have a job to do and selling/getting coverage for their products is just that, wasting time with bloggers who won't do that regardless of how lovely you are is just a waste of their time, don't take it personally.

Now this doesn't mean mention the product you've been gifted if you absolutely hated it because that would just be bare face lying but if you've gone out of your way to contact a brand you know you love and then just failed to even shout them then that's not cool.

Also make sure you email/DM coverage once you've hit publish on your post, most of the time simply tagging the brand or PR company in a tweet might not be enough for them to find the coverage and if they don't know you've actually delivered the goods then they might not reach out to you in future.

I literally always just sent a quick email with a link to let the brand (junior account manager) know that I've shared some coverage and it genuinely always ends up in further collaboration.

So there we go, I hope this was helpful/insightful and I hope it goes down as well as the first instalment,  if you are new here and want the basics in how to email a brand and what to include ect then please check out my first post! Also please do let me know if you want any other advice/help on any of these kind of topics as they really are some of my favourite posts to put together. 

Go Get Em' <3