Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bloggers That Made Me Fall In Love With Blogging Again.

Blogging is so much more about the social following and the pretty face behind the camera than it ever has been before. We can say as much as we like that it's all about the content but we'd prob be telling porkies.

Recently blogging has turned into a little bit of a bitch fest only for most of us we don't actually give a shit.

You do you, and we will do us.

Why can't we just enjoy the simplicity of a really witty, heartwarming post, cause quite frankly I don't care about your marble surfaces or what you ate for breakfast, I had cookie crisp and no I didn't instagram it because it looked a little bit shite.

Oh and I also don't care about your Instagram theme or if you think that we are all trying to be like you, cause we ain't.

(I'm sure you know who I am referring to)

Here's the gals that have reignited that love for simplicity, you can feel the genuine passion behind each and every word, they don't care all that much for avocados or Mulberry handbags, they just do them and it works.

They also don't get swept up in all this unnecessary drama, blogging is blogging and we are not auditioning for the cast of PLL, it would help if some people tried to remember that.

Rant over.

Lareese Craig

The most genuine, relatable blogger who literally makes you feel like you are chatting to your best friend.

I LOVE love love the simplicity of Lareese's blog, it's very much a no strings and bows kind of a blog and there isn't a green juice in sight which HELLO there absolutely should be less of those floating around, they taste like pond water.

She keeps it completely real, it's beautiful but relatable and not over edited.

She highlights how important it is to show every aspect of her life, not just the pretty parts but the not so beautiful moments like when she has sudo cream spread over her face or when she is eating nutella out of the jar with a spoon.

Love her.

Vix Meldrew 

Vix says it like it is and I LOVE that.

She's not afraid to be a little bit controversial and a little bit honest, she talks openly about sex and heartbreak and her #Vixswipes hashtag on Twitter has me literally spitting out water from laughing so much.

Blogging can sometimes feel a little bit like we are all wrapped in cotton wool, too afraid to say it how it is, too afraid to accept that life isn't lived through rose tinted glasses, sometimes shit does get shat on your parade and that is just life, Vix knows how to embrace that and we absolutely NEED more of it.


Hannah Gale 

I mean I've been reading Hannah Gales blog since before I even knew what blogging really was.

I fell in love with her blog not for the pretty images or her super snazzy outfit shots (which she does hella well FYI) but for her words, she is a journalist and has a lot of experience under her belt but she has this way of expressing her thoughts in a way that no one else seems to be able to. If you stripped back all the jazz, all the pictures and all the graphics you would still be left with a wonderful blog with a lot of wisdom and I would totally still be reading.

She makes me feel like I'm actually doing okay at this adulting business and that is just magic.
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