Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Pre Holiday Haul.

The sun is finally shining and I am feeling so ridiculously ready for my holidays to begin, all I need is a sun lounger and a large glass of pinot. 

I have one more Monday to endure and then I am outta here, even if it just for 4 days, this is the first holiday I have had since I was 11 so I am going to sip mojito's on the beach even if there's torrential rain, OK. 

I've spent about 12,8474 minutes in the Primark changing room trying on bikinis, I've eaten leafy greens for the past 2 days in my last minute attempt to rid of my PMS related bloating and I've been smelling like sweet fake tan for the past 24 hours. 

Lets go. 

The Bikinis 

So I went for both a budget and a slightly more fancy insta worthy alternative, although they are both pretty beaut and they give me killer cleavage which is really quite something special considering my boobs are 99% non existent. The flowery one is from Primark and cost me a mere £4, I also got matching bottoms which were £3. The navy blue one is just to die for and I am utterly obsessed, it has padded cups too which is perfect as naturally I don't really have much to show for myself so this really helps give me a nice shape, this one was £22 and the matching bottoms were £18 but to be honest who cares how much you spend, if you feel like a sassy arse then it's worth it <3  

The Book

I have an ever growing pile of books I need to get through and seeing as I am going to be sitting on a plane for a couple of hours I figure now is as good a time as ever. I was obsessed with Karin Slaughters previous book 'Pretty Girls' so I kinda figure I'll like this one just as much. I've also just finished The Girl Before by JP Delaney which was one of the best books I have read in possibly forever, honestly reading on the beach has got to be a holiday must.

The Tan 

I have mentioned this tan before and I kinda just wanted to tell you that I am still completely loving it, it's actually fool-proof, I don't even exfoliate and there is not a single streak on me, apart from on my back but tanning your own back is hella difficult so I'm pretty much to blame for that one. It's also super affordable and develops in an hour, I don't look super bronzed by any means but I do look healthy which for a pale, anaemic redhead is pretty much all I could ask for.

*If you wanna see it on, check out my previous post.

The Sunglasses 

I am completely loving Primarks sunglasses range this year, previous years I have always ended up buying a pair but then never really used them because my eyes are so sensitive to light they need something slightly more pricey, but honestly this year they seemed to have upped their anti. I even wear these for driving without needing to put down the sun shield and for just £2 I've actually bought a few more just in case I accidentally sit on them, which I generally tend to do every year round.

The Lip Treatment 

I made this purchase a couple of weeks back, after carefully considering whether I really needed it..

I decided that I did.

This stuff is beaut, it's so nourishing, it's not remotely sticky which I was concerned about so you prob won't suffer with any awkward hair stuck to lip moments and it's just such a nice little luxury, I mean yeah, Vaseline could probably do the job just as efficiently, but that's just no fun.

The Nail Varnish

There is nothing I love more than a bright nail with a slight tan, I tend to go for nudes pretty much every single day but I just love whipping out something fun and bright when the sun makes an appearance. I did consider buying some fake nails but then I remembered the sea and the sand and the chlorine and I decided against it.

This Max Factor one was £8 which is pricier than I'd ever usually pay for a nail varnish but it has a gel finish and I've had it on for the past 4 days already and it's not chipped in the slightest so really worth it.

The Bag

How beaut is this little gem of a find, I picked this up for £7 in Primark and I think it looks so much more expensive, it's so dainty and despite being pretty small it does fit all the essentials in there, bank card, keys, phone, lip balm and when you're on your holidays you don't really need to be dragging much round with you anyways.

I just thought it was super cute <3

Hope you are all well :) 
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