Sunday, 16 April 2017

TV Shows To Binge On When You'd Rather Stay In

So a four day weekend is totally a legitimate excuse for binging on TV, like you even need one.

My Easter has so far consisted of eating chocolate for breakfast and lunch and at this rate probably dinner, Tesco is closed so what's a girl to do. I am also yet to get out of my pyjamas, I just changed into a fresh pair and I am now about to run a hot bath, put on a face mask and enjoy some quality screen time, you should totally do the same.

Here's what I have been currently obsessing over, how bout you?

1. 13 Reasons Why

If you haven't heard of this/aren't already watching it then you must be living under a rock, whenever I've mentioned it on my social media there is always someone who reaches out or comments. I found it incredibly hard to watch at times, I had to take a 3 day break before I watched the final ep as it does really hit you hard, whether you can personally relate or not I think you would need a heart of stone to not feel affected by this show.

I do think however it is incredibly important to watch, it's given me an insight and a perspective on things which I never really considered or just didn't want to have to think about, suicide is not talked issue because yeah it's pretty miserable and it's not nice but it's real and if a show like this can make people sit up, listen and talk then I say it's served a pretty important purpose.

So if you feel you can then I urge you to watch this <3

2. Line of Duty

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know this is one of my all time favourite TV series, possibly even my number one favourite.

Not only because I have a thing for the DI but because it's so intense, so dramatic and so much better than your bog standard crime drama. It follows the anti-corruption unit which basically means they go after all the dodgy coppers. It recently returned to BBC one with a brand new series after such a successful run previously on BBC 2. I believe we are about 3 eps in at the moment and the next one continues tonight, I absolutely cannot wait to see how this series pans out, it's turning into a good un' and if the previous series are anything to go by then shit is about to hit the fan, in the best possible way.

3. PLL

To be completely honest I can't even remember what happened in the last episode, can we just take a moment to let this fact digest, this show started a whole 7 years ago. Yet I am still here, I grew up with this programme and I vow to see it though to the end, even if I actually don't really care anymore, Ezra could be A and I prob wouldn't bat an eyelid.

April marks the month in which PLL finally returns, it's been a long old road but we made it guys and we might actually know what the fuck is going on after 7 years.

Here's hoping.

4. Me You Her

Possibly the only one in this list that brings a slight smile to my face, this is oddly endearing to watch.

My sister recommended this to me, it follows a married man and woman who both fall in love with an escort in which they share. Granted it doesn't sound the best but it's a bit of light relief and it's strangely quite addictive to watch, plus each ep is only 30 mins so it's an easy watch to pass the time.

5. Doctor Foster

I watched this when it first came out on BBC 2 and I was hooked, it's dark and slightly haunting to watch, there is nothing quite as heartbreaking as watching a woman fall to pieces bit by bit after being lied to and betrayed but it makes for truly gripping TV.

If you're not aware this follows the story of a married woman who is convinced her husband is cheating so it's not a happy one to say the least.

This has just popped up on Netflix and is only a 3 part series so I re-watched it the other evening, it was just as amazing the second time round even when I knew what to expect.

6. Riverdale

This is perfect if you're craving an easy watch which requires no concentration, I have no idea where the story-line is really going, nor do I actually care but that is completely okay because honestly I am really quite hooked. If an all American, slightly cringey, slightly predictable watch is the one for you then I suggest you give this a go.

7. Broadchurch

Pretty sure I already mentioned this in a favourites post a while back but man this is good.

The series concludes tomorrow and I am beyond excited, I gave up trying to figure it out after the first episode, there are so many twists and turns. It's also incredibly empowering as a woman to watch, this series focuses on the devastating rape of Trish Winterman and honestly it's heart breaking to watch but the way in which the woman come together to fight is just beautiful to watch, gave me goosebumps and I definitely cried.

I actually didn't think much of the show when I watched the first series but seriously this one has really blown me away so if you are in two minds then I really urge you to add this to the top of your list.
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