Monday, 10 April 2017

New In Beauty // First Impressions

So I did that thing where I finally reached my saving target, after a whole 5 months without a single costa iced caramel latte or even a whiff of the make-up aisle, I made it.

So to reward myself I then spent the vast majority of it in Debenhams because that's exactly what I was saving for.


But look what I got, it was so worth it and with Spring finally showing it's face it's the absolute perfect time to change things up a little and have a spring clean of your makeup bag which obviously means having to replace it all, see perfect logic.

Clinique Blush in Innocent Peach

What an adorable name for a blush, anything peach just makes me wanna run to a beach and get myself a large glass of Sex on the Beach, don't ask me why.

This staying power on this is seriously kick ass, I can apply this at 8 am for work and after a 6 hour shift it still pretty much looks the exact same. The only thing I do wish I could change is that it's not very dewy looking, it's quite matte but I guess that's where highlight comes in so that's not the end of the world. This is also incredibly pigmented, the first time I used it I went in way too heavy and had to scrub most of it off, amazing blush though and you really do get what you are paying for.

Bourjois Healthy Mix

It almost pains me to write this because I so wanted to LOVE it and the sad part is I kind of do, it's just that my skin also absolutely hates it in a 'I'm going to explode into a million tiny red raging spots' kind of a way.

This is seriously the best drugstore foundation I have ever come across, it's the most gorgeous mix of dewy enough to look super gorgeous yet matte enough to stay put through the day. The colour was also perfect for me as it added a healthy glow without making me look super orange and super ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the vitamins are what have irritated my super sensitive skin and honestly it doesn't take much for me to break-out so please don't let that put you off because sensitivity aside this stuff is beaut <3

Estee Lauder Double Wear 

Moving nicely on from the foundation that my skin loathed, we go onto one that my skin is currently tolerating so fingers crossed it stays that way. I know this is expensive and as much as I don't really believe in forking out a tonne for makeup I do think a base is worth the investment. I can't say I am blown away by this foundation, when it's on it does look lovely, very build-able, it covers dark circles and scars, the colour match is pretty much spot on but it's staying power doesn't quite live up to what I expected and it just doesn't blow me away like a £30 foundation should. I probably won't repurchase but for now I'm happy to get my moneys worth.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Mousse

My search for a decent tanning lotion is finally over, this stuff was made to be fool-proof, I don't exfoliate or moisturise before hand because quite honestly I am too lazy for that shit and it still does't streak or look patchy. You do need to apply a fair amount to really get a result and I think if you're after a hard core tan then you may want to look elsewhere, but for a pale red head like me who just wants a warm glow it is perfect.

It also only takes an hour to develop and doesn't smell hideous so it's a winner all round.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Cream

I finally went back to this after finishing my last tub last year, I did that thing where I thought I could find better so I strayed but even my Khiel's skin rescuer couldn't top this. It's creamy, smells delicious, works beautifully and looks great under make-up.

An absolute gem of a moisturiser.

Next Perfume in Summer Sun

I love a bargain fragrance, especially if I just want something to spritz over myself if I'm running to Tesco or taking the dog for a walk and I don't wanna waste the good stuff.

I always find Next perfumes the best of the bunch when it comes to high street fragrance, this was £12 so super affordable and I've been using every day for about a month now and I have hardly touched the sides, they are also really long lasting so more often than not I don't even need to touch up half way through the day. This one is super light and easy to wear yet it has a slight kick to it, I'm no good when it comes to describing scents but just believe me when I say it smells amazing. They also have a bunch of other scents in their range so definitely check them out if you're looking for a new fragrance.

Style Freedom Shimmer Cream *

This is an entirely new concept to me but one I am totally loving, a blow dry cream, literally all you do is smooth it into damp hair before you blow dry and it acts as frizz controller, heat protector and a shine cream, amazing as it cuts down significantly on the amount of products I need to pile onto my head. Blow drying is really up there on my list of beauty chores I loathe the most, probably even above shaving which is really saying something but having a cream that literally tackles a multiple of sins and makes the whole ordeal that little bit more pleasurable is an absolute god-send <3

Style Freedom Style Capture Spray *

Since cutting the majority of my hair off, massively regretting it and then desperately trying to grow it out I've been pretty much wearing my hair up every single day, mostly because I am in denial. None the less the messy bun is now my speciality and to make it work I needed something strong enough to hold my shorter layers in place yet gentle enough on my hair to not turn it into a frizzy birds nest. That's where this stuff comes in, it also has Vitamin B5 in it which just does amazing things to my hair. It's also now a key part of my night out routine as it holds a curl like other, if you're thinking of testing out a new hair spray then I would really urge you give this one a go.

* These products were kindly gifted to me but of course all opinions are entirely my own :)

What have you been loving recently?