Monday, 17 April 2017


So I've cracked open a can of Baileys iced coffee, keeping it classy this Monday afternoon.

Hell I need it, from the moment I opened my eyes this morning I have been hit with what I can only describe as a bit of a shit storm. I opened up Twitter for my daily scroll, expecting to be hit with yet more tweets from fellow bloggers fat shaming themselves for eating cream eggs for breakfast, instead I was slapped in the face with in-directs, re-tweets and hashtags that I couldn't make head or tail of. I'm sure you are all aware of what I am referring to, some 'larger' and better known Bloggers/YouTubers have been called out for supposedly buying instagram followers, something we really already know exists.
My absolute pet peeve is when people have the ability to shame someone online but yet they can't bring themselves to actually address that person, mostly because I think it's a bit shady and partially because it means I have to then turn into Miss Marple and try and find out who the bloody hell they are referring to (I am a shit detective and I never did find out). I went to an all girls school so I am pretty accustomed to a bit of name calling but I for one don't believe in calling someone out on social media, I don't think it's nice and I don't think anyone deserves that kind of a backlash, regardless of what someone has done, people can be nasty and words can be triggers.

Seeing people lash out today has really bugged me and I can't put my finger on why, I know what these bloggers are doing isn't right, paying for followers when many others work hard and put in a hell of a lot of time and effort to reach the same results is completely not okay. It's disrespectful and it's insulting to those of us who try and who give 100% in what we do but in all honesty I don't care enough anymore to really feel anything towards it, at least of all hate. Hating those who cheat their way to the top doesn't make it any easier for the rest of us.

In all honesty I usually dismiss the drama on Twitter, I love blogging and I will forever see it is a beautiful, loving and honest community, my life is made better by those who I connect with on social media, those of you who read my blog and leave amazing comments. Sometimes I think it's all just gone a bit far, focus on you, focus on your blog, your work and your engagement, grow your followers organically and you will have that loyal audience, you may not be getting free press trips to Coachella but really who actually cares. Blogging was an escapism for me in a time when I wasn't all that happy, the bloggers I love are the ones I know have worked their little butts off to get to where they are, they don't throw shade left, right and centre and they don't try and get one up on those that do. They started it just because, not because of the exposure, the money or the fame. Blogging was never about followers, stats and freebies, it was about a community, a group of people who loved creating content, not for the sole purpose of earning some money or getting a re-tweet but for the purpose of expressing themselves, opening up, escaping. I know this instagram/following scandal is wrong and I can understand entirely where bloggers are coming from but I don't believe in starting a witch hunt to try and attack those who play the game differently to the rest of us.

That's just it, blogging is now a game and I don't like that.
Therefore I refuse to play.

Bloggers who pay for followers probably just have more money than sense, that shit won't get them very far in the long run, we all know engagement means more and although the PR industry has put doubts in many peoples minds as to whether that is actually true I for one refuse to believe otherwise.
Yeah they want followers and they want stats but they want real ones and if they would turn a blind eye then would you really wanna work with them anyway?

If you do you, work hard and be nice to people then you will probably go quite far, not necessarily in the 'industry' but in life and to be honest that means far more to me than a free trip or a bunch of PR goodies.

I just really felt I needed to get this off my chest but then maybe that's just the Baileys talking.

Enjoy your Easter guys <3