Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Few Favourites From This Week #1

So it's my second favourite day of the week.

As much as I hate Monday mornings I am trying to take a new attitude towards them, instead of loathing them I am trying to view them as a brand spanking new week full of exciting possibilities and endless opportunities. Granted this is tricky when your week consist of TFL, 6am starts and a week of human interaction.

I think it could possibly be do-able, just as long as there's coffee.

So in honour of this I wanted to reflect on the parts of my previous week that made me smile, in all honesty I spent most of it in bed but that's beside the point.

1. Riverdale

This programme is filling that Gossip Girl shaped hole that I've been walking around with for approximately 3 years, Archie may not be as stunningly sexy or as gorgeous as Nate but I am more than happy to make do.

If you want a gripping scandalous new crime drama to get your teeth stuck into then this probably isn't the one for you but if you want a goofy teen drama with a bit of grit and a bunch of manipulative parents then Riverdale is perfect, I'm a sucker for an American teen drama with pretty girls, beautiful boys and a whole lot of high school drama and this is ticking all those boxes.

How many times can you say drama in one paragraph? 

2. Whittards White Hot Choc

I was lucky enough to be sent a little present this week from the lovely ladies at Whittard, for those of you who aren't aware you should deffo go check them out, they are basically a luxury hot drink company with flagships stores around London and they are LUSH <3

They sent me some White Hot Chocolate, I'm not actually a huge fan of white chocolate, I find it a bit too sickly but this stuff was just beaut, it wasn't too much and it didn't make me feel like a small child who went too crazy in the sweet shop. You just heat up some milk, pour it over a couple of tea spoons of the powder and relax whilst you are transported to chocolate bliss.

3. Mental Health Sick Days

Because sometimes we all just need a day or two in bed.

I'm not saying be lazy and call in sick when you've missed the bus or you just can't face it but just remember you are allowed to give in and give yourself a break if you really need one, the world will still spin on it's axis without you for one day. Mental health is just as important as your physical health, it's just harder to comprehend because its not visible. My anxiety was so awful last week that I took 3 days off, I called in and told them I had a bug, which despite being a slight little white lie wasn't too far from the truth. My chest was constantly heavy, I had an upset stomach and my mind was full of unease and worry.

Sometimes you just gotta put yourself first.

4. Paris for One

As an attempt to throw myself back into reading again I recently invested in a few new books from the bestsellers section in Waterstones. I pretty much picked the ones with the prettiest covers because how else are you supposed to choose a book? I also currently have a thing for Paris, aka I really wanna go, so to channel my inner Fran├žais I thought I'd start with this one by Jojo Moyes. It's a collection of love stories but not like the traditional boy meets girl, it has wit and laughter and kinda makes me wanna go off on my own and book myself a little one way ticket to France.

I'll be in Sephora if you need me.

5. Blogger Event Invite

This week a very exciting email popped into my inbox, one that wasn't related to introductory Viagra deals or Prosecco Friday at Prezzo. I have received my first ever invite to a blogger event, the launch party of a new beauty brand/flagship store in London, Threads and Co.

I think I RSVP'd in 0.364521 seconds just before they could realise they made a mistake and didn't want me there but I am super excited so don't judge me.

6. Counselling Course

To be honest I've been completely stuck recently with what I am actually doing with my life, day to day I'm not particularly happy in my customer service job and I hate not having any direction or any clue as to what genuinely makes me happy. I've struggled myself with mental health, mostly anxiety and as a result it's become something I am hugely passionate. So I've been doing a little research and I am pretty keen to get stuck into a counselling course, only an introductory one, so it won't cost a fortune and it won't be a waste of my time if it turns out not to be the right path for me.

Even if it is the wrong step for me, it's still a step in the right direction.

7. Broadchurch

OMG if you're not on this latest hype then you need to seriously jump on the bandwagon, this is some of the best TV I have seen in a long while, I know we are only one ep in but I am just throwing it out there by saying I am pretty sure this series will pair up to being as gripping and intense as Line of Duty. It's raw, and will really pull at the heartstrings, plus David Tenant is strangely sexy as a detective inspector.

Go catch up NOW - I promise you won't regret it.

8. Debenhams Beauty Sale

If you saw my last post you will be aware that I recently took a little trip to Debenhams, mostly to kill time before work, came out with a bag full of goodies obviously, silly old me for thinking I could restrain myself.
One thing I picked up was a little pot of Steam Cream, sounds bizarre I know but effectively it is just a fancy arse moisturiser packed full of natural goodness. I only picked this up because I thought it would look good on my dresser and was really quite cheap, turns out I am now slightly obsessed, if you're really quick you can possibly pick up a few little beauty bits from the tail end of the sale, GO GO GO.

What have you been loving this week? <3