Friday, 3 February 2017

Why Is Blogging a Numbers Game?

Why is blogging so number orientated?

Why do we all so badly want those few thousand followers, what will actually happen when we get them? You might get that cute little message pop up congratulating you on your overnight fame and you might feel like Queen Bey for about 23,9387 seconds but then you'll sit back and watch with baited breath, waiting for that one person to hit unfollow so you'll be back on 1,999.
The bitch.

But then what, you'll probably just want another few hundred because let's face it we always want more.

Seriously, what is it with numbers signifying our success, numbers don't actually mean anything, they don't define our success and they don't mean we are any more liked, any more talented or any more interesting as a person.

Except when it comes to blogging.

This industry has turned into the one thing I always hoped it wouldn't, it's a race to the top, a race to the to the finish line and some people just don't wanna play the game.

I feel like there's been a huge emphasis recently on fake followers, what about the engagement, the sense of community, the people who read your posts, oh wait they don't exist. I always knew paying for followers was a thing but I never really thought anyone actually did it, it's the thing no one really talks about because it's all hush hush yet it's actually going on right under our noses, like the naughty school kids who would skip chemistry, I turned a blind eye.

It bugs me because there are the people who pour their heart and soul into their work, into creating the most amazing posts, take the most beautiful images and work their little butts off to try and make a living out of their passion, those that would do anything for the recognition, then you get those that pay a few quid, show off all the false stats and bypass the rest of us straight up to the top.

It's not fair but it's the way it works now it seems. You can be a successful blogger, you can have an amazing loyal audience, get the most wonderful comments and have amazing stats but unless you can prove yourself by showing off your thousands of Twitter followers or your pristine instagram theme you can't be a full time "serious" blogger, you can't earn from it and you can't even begin to compete.

I'm guilty of it myself, I think once I hit a few thousand Twitter followers then maybe I'll be seen as someone worth working with, someone worth thinking about, I used to work in PR, I know how easily you're dismissed, thrown on the trash pile if you don't have a certain following. It's shitty and it's not nice but it's a cut throat industry and it's been made that way because of how easy it is to pick and choose. How many bloggers did I used to reach out to every day for send outs and PR samples? Probably around 30, that's 30 bloggers everyday that had over 3 thousand followers, did I read their work?  No, I didn't have time.
Brands don't care about your content, they don't care about a spelling error or if you're funny or relatable, they care for a pretty picture and an idea of how much of an influence you could have.

I mean maybe not every brand, I don't want to be a bitch and say that it's all the same but I have seen first hand how numbers do matter and in all honesty from a PR's perspective I cannot see how they couldn't.
I used to work in the industry and honestly I used to care for peoples content but I also had to deliver the goods, I had targets to reach, a boss to please and I had to approach those who had the following, those who had that influence but really the question is why? Why can't we give those smaller, less refined but possibly more compassionate bloggers a chance? Those that have a voice, that have so much to say and so much to give.

I started this blog because my passion is to write, I write to express myself, to let out emotion, to make a little more sense of the jumbled up mess that is my mind sometimes. I am proud of the words I write and the sentences I manage to string together, I now get paid to write outside of this blog and I know that is where my passion lies. If I can't ever be a full time blogger, if I can't earn from my passion and work for myself then so be it, I won't change, I won't stop rambling on and writing what I want to write.

I absolutely refuse to take photos of a lipstick that I probably wouldn't ever even wear just because it has rose gold packaging and it's sitting on a bit of marble surface that I got in the B&Q sale, all for the sake of a pretty picture and a couple of hashtags, it's just all a bit fake.

Does that make me any less of a blogger?
Probably, but I am very much okay with that.