Wednesday, 15 February 2017

7 Things We Should All Aim To Do More Of

I know they say you should live everyday like it's your last but let's be real, those stupid things that get in the way aren't always the kind of things you can just push aside, anxiety I am looking at you. Which is why I wanna focus more on the smaller things, whilst they may not be the cure to everything they are a pretty good place to start.

1. Read More

Imagine how awful it must be to always be stuck inside your own head and never anyone elses. My old communications teacher always said 'reading takes you to someone elses world and there is nothing more amazing', I mean I can think of a couple of things but she isn't far wrong. At the time I probably rolled my eyes and doodled something inappropriate on my notebook but now it seems to make perfect sense. Why be trapped in your own head stressing about excel spreadsheets and delayed trains 24/7 when you could be dreaming about Christian Grey and his sexy face.

OR reading Wind and the Willows or something like that.

2. Give Less F*cks

I would say sorry about my language but seeing as I am giving less fucks, I won't.

Giving less fucks is as simple as it sounds, you just care less. I don't mean care less about the important things like global warming and saving the polar bears but just care less about the people that don't really care about you, like the co-worker that slacks off and leaves you to pick up the pieces. Also care less about the things that you just don't really care about, if you don't wanna go out this Friday night just don't bloody go, you don't have to come up with some super elaborate excuse just be straight.

Stay in and order a dominoes instead, stop pleasing everyone else and focus on you a little bit more, you are allowed to say no.

3. Teach Yourself About Important Issues 

How much do you actually know about the world you live in, as much as I like being in my pretty naive and clueless little bubble I also kinda need to open my eyes to what is going on in the world. My bubble burst rather spectacularly when I discovered that a rather terrifying proportion of the world shares the same morals as a misogynistic pig known as Trump. Watch documentaries on Netflix, educate yourself, watch the BBC news when you eat your dinner, just do those little things to find out more about what really matters because although you might think that those things don't affect you directly they really really do and now more than ever it is not enough to just switch off from it and hope it goes away.

4. Live a Life Offline

I did actually just say that and I can assure you I am completely 99.9% sober, unless you wanna count the large glass of white I had last night at dinner.

A life without your phone is rather unthinkable but it is relatively necessary to stay sane and actually be happy, starting at pictures of Beyonce's baby bump isn't really fulfilling those needs is it, really? I know we all have this hideous fear of missing out on something super important but the chances are you really won't miss anything remotely interesting. Building a life away from Instagram and Twitter and your ever growing inbox is a scary thought but as you do I can guarantee you'll soon start to realise you can find magic in the simpler things. Things like real life face to face communication and actually getting to eat your dinner whilst it's still hot because you didn't feel the need to photograph it first.

See, MAGIC <3

5. Be Present in The Moment

How many of you glance off into space everyday on the way to work, earphones in, world blocked out.
I used to do this every single day, never really taking in any sights, I mean yeah Essex is hardly California or New York but it still makes all the difference to actually take that time each day to take in where you are and what the world has to offer. As depressing as it sounds you have a limited time on this earth so appreciate it whilst you can.

6. Ditch The People That Feel Like Hard Work

You probably have someone in mind right now, you've muted them on imessage so they don't irritate you to the point where you need to open the bottle of red you're saving, you avoid their calls and you really cannot listen to anymore of their god awful self obsessed rants where it's all ME ME ME. That friend that takes but never gives, the one that only ever talks to you when she wants something, you probably don't need her in your life.

If someone doesn't bring you happiness, joy and make your world that little bit brighter then you do not need them.

7. Enjoy Your Own Company

I always feel like I love my own company but when I'm faced with it I feel mega lonely and miserable. Enjoying your own company doesn't have to be anything more than just having a nice relaxing bath and watching the latest series on Netflix, because let's face it, baths on their own are not relaxing they are mind numbingly boring. Even just lying in bed, switching off your phone and reading for a couple of hours, it's just about finding happiness and contentment in the things that don't involve anyone but you.