Tuesday, 28 February 2017

5 Of My Current Beauty Obsessions

So as Tuesdays go this one is getting off to a bloody good start, I mean it's pancake day so HELLO lemon and sugar and Nutella and all that lip licking goodness, I have also just guzzled down what felt like a pint full of Whitard white hot chocolate, OMG it is the dream.

I know I could give you a pancake recipe but we all know you'll prob use a pre-made mix, shout out to Aunt Bessie, so have a beauty faves instead and don't forget to stuff your faces <3

Steam Cream £13.95 (£5.00 sale)

Possibly the sexiest find of the entire lot and also one of the cheapest as I managed to stumble across this in the Debenhams post Xmas beauty sale. Ironically my bank card still declined and so I had to tragically use up the last scraps of loose change I could find from the bottom of my bag, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do - also it comes in a snake print pot, what a dream <3

Since buying this my skin has quite literally transformed, it's made it supple, glowing and just gorgeous, I'm guessing it's due to all of the goodness inside of this pot of magic, it's packed with natural ingredients which sometimes my sensitive skin can be a little bit delicate to but thankfully it's all good so far. I feel like I have finally found another holy grail amongst my skincare routine, a product that I would actually miss, seriously I encourage you all to try this.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream £28

The price of this makes me want to cry but then equally it makes me giddy inside so I compromised, I'm good like that. As lip balms go I feel like I have tried them all, I know I haven't but god help me I have tried, the cheapy ones and the close your eyes as you hand over your bank card ones. I also hated the Nuxe one which I know in blogger world is a shocking statement to make but I'm feeling rebellious. I know £28 for what I am essentially just using as a lip balm is somewhat extortionate but I also feel it's kind of worth the investment because now I have the perfect base for so many of my favourite lipsticks and glosses that I could never usually get away with wearing due to them drying my lips out. This is a multipurpose cream so use it as you wish, I'm not 100% sure I will re-purchase until I have done some more digging around for something way more affordable but for now I am pretty happy with my investment.

So you see, totally justifiable.

Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask £20

You know when your face just looks meh? My skincare is pretty much sorted now, I know what I like and I know what I don't like but something was missing and seeing as I have a huge thing for skincare I kinda couldn't stop myself from gawking at the many stands in Debenhams.

I tried Origins because I always think of them as brand that can't really do you wrong, they just ooze sass and also aren't ridiculously over priced, I also happen to think the stand in Debenhams is super pretty and yes, that is important.

This has turned into my bi-weekly treat and 10 minutes is such an easy, do-able time, I usually put it on before I get in the bath so I am restricted to lying there so I can't start faffing around. I wouldn't say this has changed my skin miraculously and I can't even pin point what I feel it's doing but it's certainly added a bit of something into my routine, those pesky hormonal break outs I get once a month, this really soothes them and makes everything just a bit less gross.

Topshop Cream Blush in Dalliance £7

I remember buying my first one of these in like 2014 when I thought a coral pink would make me look as sassy as hell, it totally didn't. I feel like cream blush never really caught on but I don't really get why, it's so ridiculously easy to apply, blends like a dream and makes you look all glowy, this one also has a nifty little mirror inside which earns it some serious brownie points.

Being a relatively pale redhead I am restricted when it comes to what makes me look healthy and glowing and what just makes me look washed out, this colour is so beautiful, it's the most perfect mix of berry and red, like a warm pinch to the cheeks, my new go-to for a pretty, I am definitely awake kind of complexion.

New Look Perfume - Devotion £3 (sale)

I am a huge lover of knock off perfumes, not the dodgy street corner kind but the cheaper dupes you can find hidden in high street stores that you wouldn't normally bat an eyelid at. I must confess I used to be a bit of a snob when it came to fragrance but after falling in love with a New Look perfume my friend bought a while back I was open to trying a few of the cheaper alternatives.

This little New Look beauty was £3 which quite honestly you cannot go wrong with, not for when you just want to pop to Tesco or take the dog for a walk but you still want to feel and smell all fresh and sassy and not of sweat and body odour.

Obvs the longevity of this stuff isn't as good as a Tom Ford or a Jo Malone but really for £3 and for a sweet and light scent you can't really go wrong.

What have you been loving recently?