Monday, 27 February 2017

5 Blog I'm Obsessed With Right Now

There has been some serious blog envy going on this week, every morning without fail I sit at my laptop whilst I sip my Vanilla Latte and I scroll through Bloglovin' catching up on all you babes that I follow and the amazing, inspirational, mind blowingly beautiful content you produce. Before I ever became a blogger I was obsessed with bloggers and I mean like creepy Twitter stalk kinda obsessed so it's really no surprise that my favourites list is continuously growing.

I love bloggers and I love supporting them, recently it seems like blogging has lost it's beautiful spark, now it's all about fake followers and who gets sent the most stuff. I want to stop and take a moment to remember that blogging doesn't have to be like that, it's about the people who pour their heart and soul into doing something that ignites a fire inside of them that they didn't even know they had, the ones that blog because they love it more than they love Nutella and Pancakes, the ones who blog just because <3

Keep doing what you are doing you BEAUTS

1. London Beauty Queen

I tend to steer clear of beauty blogs, not because I don't appreciate a good flat lay or a pretty eye-shadow palette because I do, I just don't get it enough to really care all that much. A bit of beauty thrown in here and there is fab but for me a whole blog dedicated to beauty just isn't really up my street but then I stumbled across this post and I was like hold up, I am totally digging this.

Hayley has a way of sucking me into the world of beauty without all of the fluff, she writes about products that I could actually afford, products that I might actually want to buy, I completely believe every word that comes out of her mouth when it comes to reviews and sponsored posts and really that is such a breath of fresh air.

2. The Scarlet State

I feel like Sarah has just the right amount of beauty and lifestyle with a pinch of opinion thrown in there to make for an interesting read. The thing I love about Sarah's blog is that she talks so openly about issues that are often kept hidden away from the bloggosphere, her 6 things we need to talk about posts are so spot on in so many way. She touches on important subjects like women's rights and equal pay, I know it might not appear to be the most exciting or Pinterest worthy content but it's so bloomin' important that we do talk about that kind of stuff and she does it in such a non-preachy kind of a way, we need more gals like this on the internet <3

3. Wear Daisy Went

You know when you just stumble across a blog and you cannot get enough of it, the beautiful pinterest worthy photos that have you jaw droppingly fixated, there is just something about Daisy that has me hooked on her flawless content. The most beaut mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle that leaves me feeling completely inspired and mesmerised, she is so likeable, warm and is utterly stunning.

Her Instagram is also a dream to look at so if you fancy feeling incredibly envious then take a peek here.

4. The Same Old Chic

I fell in love with Bridie's blog after stumbling across her Valentines Day post, I don't know about you but I spent my Valentines day and at least the first 5 days prior to it trying to pretend it was March and we'd just by-passed the whole thing. Then I came across her post and honestly it somehow fixed me inside, it reminded me that people come and go so much that you can never really be sure of when someone is about to walk out but then the beauty of that is that you can also never really tell when someone magical is about to walk straight in.

So yeah if you've just been dumped or you're just ridiculously single then go read, it will make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy which is way better than feeling sorry for yourself.

5. Grace Victory

I know the majority of you are probably familiar with Grace because HELLO she is a complete babe but for those of you who aren't you definitely should be.

Not only has she made an eye opening documentary exploiting the world of fad diets and "clean eating" bloggers, she also has me hooked on her weekly vlogs and her inspirational posts on money, life, love and feeling beautiful regardless of who you are or how you look, she really is the internet big sister you need in your life.

She has this way about her that makes me feel like anything is possible, she just oozes sass and motivation, she makes me want to kick my arse into gear and actually get up in the morning, not many people have that affect.

Who have you been loving?