Sunday, 8 January 2017

Beauty Products I Fell In Love With This Autumn

If I achieved nothing in 2016 other than to have finally found a decent skincare routine then I am completely okay with that, although the empty Bailey's bottle and the Terry's chocolate orange wrapper currently tells a different story, hello post xmas face.

Anyway, looking on the brighter side 2016 was the year for me where I finally got smart with beauty, I understood that sometimes you need to invest a little because you only get one face, it's okay to spend a shit load on a cleanser and it's even more okay to buy a fancy lipstick just because you feel like it.

At least that is what I tell myself.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Skin Rescuer Moisturiser 

I've put these two together because to me they go hand in hand, I don't use one without the other and if I did it just wouldn't feel right. Admittedly they are the most expensive addition to my skincare/beauty regime but still just delightful to have displayed on my bathroom shelf, although I did almost drop my concentrate down the toilet so please use carefully. The concentrate is just a luxury and a mere joy to use, it feels like silk, smells divine and using a face oil just generally makes me feel like a fully grown sassy AF adult. I love it because it doesn't break me out, possibly not a reason to love it but I have skin so sensitive a drop of water could irritate it so for me to find such a rich oil that doesn't send my skin into meltdown is really quite an achievement. The skin rescuer is the real beauty, it quite literally calms down any redness, speeds up the time it takes for any scarring to disappear and really moisturises right through the day, literally everything I could ever want from a cream.

These two are here for the long haul.

Pixi Glow Tonic 

Anyone else bored to the death of me banging on about this bloody thing, I'd be annoyed if I didn't love it so dearly. I'll keep this short and sweet, it's hands down the best beauty product I have discovered this entire past year, if you wanna know why, check out just one of my many posts I've mentioned it in.

Zoella Bake My Day Scent

I kinda just shrugged off the Zoella Beauty range from the moment it came out, mostly because I didn't really feel I was it's intended target audience. I often went past the range and eyed up the body scents but I never really gave in, that was until the Gingerbread scent was released, OMG I smell like a gingerbread man 24/7 and it's bloody amazing. I wouldn't say it lasts overly long but for £8 you really can't go wrong and seeing as they are so inexpensive I love keeping these in my bag for the odd spritz throughout the day.

Philip Kingsley Elasticiser

I have completely fallen in love with hair masks this year, mostly because I remembered they actually work a treat and seeing as my hair is ridiculously dry and gross on a daily basis it needs all the oomph it can get. This stuff is the bomb, I have the mini version cause the full size is hella expensive but I must say it has since proven it's worth and I will prob fork out when this little one runs dry. I also love that this is applied before you shampoo, it kinda blows my mind but I love it.

Moroccan Oil

This has honestly been my favourite hair care product of 2016, I know the hype was over for this about 56,3837 years ago but I'm a bit late so soz about that. Most people raved about this because it made their already straight, frizz free, shiny hair just that bit shinier, I rave about it because it makes my frizz manic, dry, crazy curly hair poof free, smooth and about 90x better to blow-dry and straighten, I no longer have a lions mane and this is the reason why. I know it's pricey but I have to say I will be re-purchasing, although if you're not sure get the smaller size from feel unique for £13 as a tester.

NYX Baked Blush 

I was after a slight subtle glow to my blush for a while now, I don't really like highlight but I do like a bit of a healthy shimmer. The whole baked blush range from NYX is just beaut, they give the most beautiful bronzed look with a real warm glow to the cheeks that leaves you looking all healthy and toasty warm. They also have a really decent staying power for such an adorable option, will be wearing this all through the winter months for sure.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipstick 

Liquid lipsticks kinda make me wanna die, bit dramatic but hear me out. I just think of the most drying, sticky formula that clings to your lips all flaky and gross, I have lips as dry as the Sahara so as general rule I steer completely clear of anything matte. This however is matte but it's not drying, doesn't make my lips flake, doesn't cling to them in an unsightly fashion, it's just a beautiful chocolate brown shade that dries matte but stays moisturising, it's absolutely gorge and it smells of chocolate.

Win Win.

Castor Oil

I mentioned this is my brow growth post a while ago, I use castor oil every night without fail on a little cotton bud to brush through my brows, this is the best natural, cheap alternative I have found for promoting brow growth, it takes a while to see any real results but now I have it's literally changed my entire evening beauty routine.

What have you been loving recently?