Friday, 11 November 2016

Why I Like Living In a Social Media Bubble

SO I know I'm about 48 hours too late to be all like 'WTF, TRUMP? SERIOUSLY.'

But seriously.


Anyone else feel like we've taken about 34, 824610 steps backwards?

I swear women fought to win the right to vote back in 1920, obviously so we could all vote for a misogynistic, sexist, racist arsehole.


And no I'm not American so 'what the heck does it have to do with me anyway?' well really quite a lot because I am a woman and I am a part of the generation who DO believe in equality. I am the first to admit I have never been hugely interested in politics and I've never fully understood it but I've always understood right and wrong and he is so clearly the wrong choice.

The point is we live in a world that is way less beautiful than we make it out to be, than social media makes it out to be. As far as I was concerned we lived in a world where people's sexual orientation didn't matter, sure there are haters, there will always be haters but you can bet damn right that any hater wouldn't last a single second when faced with the rest of the world, take tampon boy for example, shot down like a tonne of bricks. Why? Because all in all the internet is a GOOD place, we support one another, we are accepting and we are young and open minded. We live and breathe diversity, you wanna dye your hair pink, get a tattoo, fancy men and women, you're a size 16, size 6, whatever, YOU GO GIRL!

We literally support everyone, and anyone who doesn't? Well, BYE BITCH.

We have come such a long way as a generation, using the word gay as an insult was a thing when I was at primary school, now my 8 year old sister has way more sense and is way more educated, her ideology, "if two people love each other, what does it matter if they are a man or a woman". Mental health is a recognised thing, it's talked about, it's addressed and it's important. My older sister is in a happy relationship with a woman and honestly it scares me that the USA now have a leader who isn't comfortable with that, a leader who takes the piss out of a disabled reporter, a leader who makes sexual comments that make my skin crawl, a leader that stands for everything we stand against as a generation.

It breaks my heart to realise that we haven't actually come a long way at all, social media made me feel we had. Of course it would, I don't follow ignorant people, I don't follow homophobes, racists or people who don't believe in equality and feminism. These people exist, of course they do, take Katie Hopkins for example, if you wanna get angry just look at her twitter feed, it will ignite a deep, dark anger inside of you that you didn't even know you had.

I, along with the majority of the world just kinda forgot those people even existed, although the Daily Mail makes it incredibly hard when that woman's face is constantly plastered over their website.

But then it's so bloody easy to mute people, I follow back the majority of people on my social media but if you happen to be just a bit of an arsehole then SOZ no can do. You know those creepy accounts with men who just tweet out sexual, weird shit, yeah I literally block them, takes me half a second and then I can go about my day pretending it never happened. Although to be honest the majority of people I come across on social media tweet about rose gold home-ware and their excitement for the new Starbucks winter menu, that is literally as deep as it gets.

So yeah, I like social media, I like the bubble it creates around me that filters out all of the people I don't agree with but now it also scares me, we clearly weren't prepared for the outcome and we had no idea just how much of a divide we still have around the whole world.

I may sound like a hugely bitter person but I no longer care, if everyone else has the right to make people who are gay, female, who are not white American born citizens feel scared and frightened then I have the right to say that I think that's disgusting. Of course I'm not saying that everyone who voted for him share those exact views, I'm just concerned that so many people do.

So yeah, I guess life isn't as dandy as I thought it was, it's not as accepting, as open or as welcoming as I wanted to believe. As I write this I'm drowning my sorrows whilst listening to the absolute babe that is James Arthur and I'm reading compiled lists of the most outrageous things Trump has said and my god it's some scary shit.

One thing I am clinging onto though is how amazing we are as a generation, the majority of the younger generation didn't vote for Trump and as much as that doesn't matter right now we are the future and we will make it brighter.


Until then you can find me on Twitter, surrounding myself with people I actually like.