Monday, 14 November 2016

Small Ways of Turning Page Views Into Lovely Readers

I have a thing about page views, I happen to think they are pretty damn irrelevant, almost as irrelevant as that Stocks app you have hidden away on your iphone home screen that you can't bloody delete.


Because page views could simply mean an accidental click of a link, someone who happened to stumble onto your blog whilst they were waiting for the kettle to boil and then oops the kettle boiled and they never returned EVER again.

So yeah, page views don't mean shit (excuse my language) if they don't equal lovely, loyal, long-term readers.

SO it got me thinking, how do you guarantee a returning audience audience? Well you kinda can't and that's also fine, not everyone is gonna adore you. I'm no expert but I have picked up a few little things that I feel have massively helped with building a loyal audience who now regularly pop back to my blog for a nosey.


Along with those who have randomly stumbled across me by accident, HI THERE.

1. Have a Profile Pic, Name and Age - Have an Identity.

I would say have an about me page but let's be real here, does anyone actually read those??
But never the less if you haven't got one they are pretty handy for PR's to have a nosey at so keep them brief and be sure to put your location. Not your exact location, I don't wanna know that you're currently scoffing a big mac in town, just put your city at least (helps for when PR's search for bloggers to attend events).

But yeah, I wanna see your BEAUT face and know whose brilliant content I'm reading, I also wanna know how old you are - 1. because I'm nosey and 2. because I wanna see if we can be friends and talk about nostalgic things.

2. Have a Social Page.

I read the majority of blog posts on my phone and I'm sure most of you do too. It came to me one day that in the mobile view of many blogs those cute little social media buttons that basically allow me to follow you on everything don't actually always show on your mobile. It only came to me because I stumbled across a great post and wanted to follow the blogger either on Twitter or Bloglovin' and for the life of me didn't know how.

So I created my Social/Follow Me page, and that very social page has triple the amount of views (hear me out, I know I said I didn't believe in views) than my about me page and my contact page have.

In it I simply have all of my links to all of my social channels in one place so readers can literally find me on anything super speedily so rather than having to find a way of following my blog they can just keep up to date with when I tweet out a link if they would rather.

Just make it easy for people to follow you.

3. Add a Bloglovin' Widget at the end of each post.

I try to remember to do this because ever since putting it in place as a daft attempt at upping my Bloglovin' followers I had a sudden influx of people wanting to follow me, Bloglovin' is fab but it's very hard to find anyone, numerous times I've typed in a blog name and it's like nope, no clue, which is why you really need links! So this little thing comes in super handy, literally go onto your bloglovin' page, click on your face and select widget, choose the one you like best and then simply copy and paste the link it gives you into the bottom of your html section on your new blog post.

Ta da.

4. Link to other posts in your text.

So I've read one post that I liked the look of, now what? DO I read some more or go and get myself a coffee? I will probably choose the latter of the two unless it's made blatantly obvious to me that I can read another post in like half a micro second with very little effort required.

You might be thinking 'well how does this result in loyal readers?' because I know for a fact that very rarely can just one amazing post draw me in enough to make me follow you on everything but if I get digging down the archives and I still like what I see then I will definitely be wanting to know when you next post. Just make it easy for people and don't feel shameful, it's your work, you are supposed to shout about it.

I also love these links if you have very similar content elsewhere, chances are if I'm reading one post on 'taking brighter blog photos' and you have another hidden in the archives, then I will want to read that too.

5. Reply to Your Comments

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when someone comments on a post that you put your heart and soul into creating? Well, wouldn't it be really lovely if you shared that feeling and expressed how grateful you were, I know everyone loves receiving comments and I'm not saying that if you don't reply you don't appreciate them but no one else knows that.

It just looks like you are a nice person, okay.

6. Connect on Social Media 

Please follow people back, especially those who actually read and comment on your content on a daily basis.

I hate the whole, 'you and them' aspect with blogging, it works for Zoella cause she has about 6 million followers but really there is no excuse for not being supportive to everyone who gives you support, it's a community and it's prob the best thing about blogging so embrace it. This will not only create engagement but it will create friendships and they are the BEST cause then you can talk about Starbucks and flatlays and plan exciting collabs.

7. Be Different 

You are you and no one can tell you what to write about so I'll keep this to a minimum.

Basically, as much as I love reading about makeup, well that's a lie, I half like reading about makeup, I also love relatable, witty, heartfelt content that makes me feel something.

Cause I'm just a deep thinker and if you think it too then OMG I will follow you forever.

I kinda feel like everyone feels like this but then maybe it's just me.

Any tips? Please share!