Friday, 14 October 2016

The £22 Metallic Bag You Need This Autumn

Why is it when you want to spend money you can't find a single thing you actually want.

I started my new job on Monday so my main purpose of my recent shopping trip was to buy some smart office wear but I also told myself I wouldn't have minded coming home with a few roll neck jumpers and some cute autumnal ankle boots. Turns out the highlight of my trip was the iced caramel latte I had in Costa, also a ridiculous idea, never get an iced drink in October people.

I literally found nothing and bizarrely I couldn't find a single pair of slim leg black trousers, why please? That is like the most basic thing you could possibly want, more basic than a Primark basic tee.

I did however walk away with a bright metallic silver bag which is definitely way too small to fit my laptop, my notebook and probably my packed lunch but I deem it office appropriate none the less. Who doesn't need a bit of glorious shininess to brighten a drab Monday morning.

I never usually step foot in River Island because it's HELLA expensive and we have a Primark literally right next door but boy am I glad that I did, this is now my staple bag this season and everyone at work is obsessed with it, as am I.

Aka, the bag of dreams.