Sunday, 2 October 2016

How I Brighten My iPhone Photos

I've always been pretty clueless when it comes to photos, I get that you need bright natural lighting for the best results but in reality the chances of getting that are becoming increasingly slimmer now it's basically Autumn.

I say basically because I am still waiting for the festive Starbucks cups, come on now.

I've had it in my head that for my 21st birthday I want a brand spanking new camera (Olympus Pen to be precise, thanks Dad!) to really up my blogging game and make my pictures at least half as good as all you clever people out there whose photography game is absolutely killer.
My photography game is absolutely killer for all of the wrong reasons. It doesn't help that I have an iphone 5s, I know a good workman never blames his tools, but I am totally blaming my tools.

I know it is possible to take pretty pictures with an Iphone because so many of you do it, I just can't seem to quite get the hang of it. I have however managed to pick up a few tips and tricks as to how I can make the most of what I have and try to get the best image I can.

I stumbled across Snapseed, a free app which has the possibility of being super technical and tricky but can also just be used in the most basic way. All I do is choose an image from my camera roll, click edit, hit the tune image button and slide my finger to the right until I'm happy with the brightness. I mean it's so easy it's embarrassing but I do think the difference is worth noting.

It seems to make everything look so much more professional and attractive.
It's also gonna be a godsend when the darker afternoons creep in and I can't get home in time to make the most of the natural lighting. I used to just play with the brightness setting on my iphone editor but in all honesty I used to think it makes the image look a bit fake and if you are photography makeup and still want to keep a trueness to the colours then this is perfect.

I also usually try to take an image on a plain white background, I bought a blank white canvas from The Range for about £8 a few weeks ago and it has been a god send for makeup shots and flat lays. I also love using my pink throw from Primark as a more relaxed, natural looking background. If I use these by my huge bedroom window then I can get as much light as possible and if the image is still slightly too dark then I can use Snapseed to brighten it.

I used to literally add as many props as I could to a shot, magazines, rings, candles, cups of coffee ect.. literally I would have added my kitchen sink if I could have. I have since realised that an image with a clearer background and more of a focus on what you want the image to be about is much more effective. A few little touches definitely look really lovely and make an image a little more pin-able but light and airy is the way to go if you want a bright image.

How do you edit your iphone photos?