Sunday, 30 October 2016

5 Blogs I Always Go Back To

No Sunday evening is complete without me eating my bodyweight in food, in this case I've just devoured two salmon and cream cheese bagels, a portion of fish and chips for dinner and I currently have a Sainsburys reduced bread and butter pudding in the microwave. I'm settled down on the sofa, as in I am lying vertically and the duvet is well and truly out, the entire family is out which means I can binge watch Youtube videos, scroll through bloglovin' and get prepped for tonight's blogger chats without a single distraction.

Sunday's are just too good.

I also now have a brand spanking new header and template for my blog which I am bloomin' loving.

Seeing as I'm in such a good mood this evening I wanted to share a little bit of love, these gals are absolutely killing it in the bloggersphere atm and as I don't think we shout each other out as much as we should I thought I would put them all together and share with you how awesome I think they are.

I also want to shout out everyone who has supported me this week on Twitter and on here, I feel so humbled by everyone who comments, likes or even just reads my posts and it really never goes unnoticed,  you're the BEST.

So grab yourself a cuppa and a cheeky few digestives and enjoy.

Hannah Gale

This girl gives me all of the life goals.

She is a complete babe, so genuine and I know everyone hates the word relatable but she so is, she just makes me feel like I am doing just fine even when I'm about 34,9874 steps behind everyone else. She is a full time blogger and it's so clear how much time and effort she puts into every single post she produces, it's no wonder everyone bloody loves her.

She is also the reason I am currently obsessed with buying myself an Olympus Pen, her photos are so dreamy yet they also don't make me wanna cry because mine are shit, does that make sense HA.

Favourite post// 25 things all girls secretly do

Katy Belle

Katy is fast becoming my absolute favourite bloggers,  I would have never discovered her if it hadn't of been for someone saving one of her posts on Bloglovin'.

Shout out to you, whoever you are.

I feel like her blog is the blog I go to when I'm in need of a little bit of advice, a little bit of a pick me up and a gentle reminder that everyone is equally as in need of a bit of nudge in the right direction sometimes.
She reminds me a lot of my older sister, straight talking and direct but very wise and as annoying as it may be she is generally always right.

She also has the most beaut crisp white pictures and a perfectly simplistic layout that makes my overly cluttered mind feel a little bit at ease.

Favourite post// Things I'm done feeling bad about

Sophie's Makeup Blog

I am completely in love with this girls flat lays and her dressing table is to die for, it's actual goals.

I know you shouldn't follow a blogger religiously for her dressing table but I kinda do, as well as her really gorgeous images that do make me feel like mine have been taken by a small child. Literally her blog is a visual paradise, white backgrounds, pretty sparkly things and the most gorgeous make-up that I probably can't possibly afford but that I love to look at.

If you want a blog to swoon over then let it be this one.

Favourite post// How to keep that child-like sense of wonder 

Phases of Robyn

Robyn is a blogger who I actually don't know a huge amount about, I never used to follow her blog religiously if I'm honest I just occasionally clicked on a link if it took my fancy but recently there's been something about her posts that have really spoke out to me, she has this way of saying things that I could never find the right words for. I just love the simplicity of her blog, she doesn't have these super fancy flat lays and she doesn't shout about it from the rooftops she just writes whatever she wants to write and honestly it's a bit of a breath of fresh air.

Favourite post// The Lonely Blogger 

Dork Face

Jemma is one of my fairly new discoveries in the blogging world, I think I found her via Twitter and was so drawn in by her super cool colourful hair and her incredibly infectious bubbly positive outlook on everything that I was like um so this girl is pretty damn cool.

I am now a super fan when it comes to her blog, she just has the ability to put a smile on my face and spread around some joy, she also runs The Girl Gang which is a blogging community on Twitter who host a chat every Monday at 6, everyone is super lovely and this is genuinely one of my favourite chats to get involved with, sometimes I can feel like a bit of a lemon when it comes to chats but I always feel like I am able to get really involved with this one.

Favourite post// Life lately and 15 things I'm grateful for 

Who are you loving at the moment?