Sunday, 23 October 2016

#29 Things To Remember At All Times

Because sometimes you need a gentle reminder that we are all just as clueless as each other. 

1. Stop refreshing your Twitter and Instagram feed and stop living through someone else's social media, it's pretty and dreamy but it's not real.

2. Nothing is as comforting as a hot chocolate made with hot milk and a cheeky swig of Baileys.

3. Keep the good friends around you, the ones that won't judge you for going MIA, they may worry you've fallen down a hole but they won't deem you a shit friend because they understand that adulting is hard work and sometimes you just need to disappear for a few days and sort your shit out.

4. As much as you feel you need to take up the fetal position, keep the curtains closed and lie in bed all day, you actually need to get up and get on with it. Get dressed, put you hair in a messy bun and have a coffee, you will feel better, I promise.

5. A broken heart is not a good enough reason to give up on life, if Brad and Angelina can get on with stuff then so can you. If he makes you cry, he's not the one, it might hurt to accept that but you will and when you do you'll realise how much more you deserve.

6. We all forget to put on deodorant from time to time, we all hate getting our brows threaded and we probably don't change our bra frequently enough, it's hard being a girl. Fact.

7. Everything can change in a day. Literally, you could win the lottery tomorrow, you probably won't, but you might.

8. Women still judge other women and it's just not nice. Being kind and supportive is so much more empowering and honestly in a world where we still have the likes of Donald Trump knocking about we need all the solidarity we can get. We are better when we are together.

9. The things hurting you right now, they won't be hurting you next year, they will be as relevant as the stocks app on your iPhone.

10. J K Rowling didn't get her first book published until she was 32, just because it's not all working out right now it doesn't mean it won't.

11. The best moments of your life are yet to come - the day you get married, the day you hold your first born child, the day you buy your first house, I know they say you shouldn't live for the future but looking forward is always better than looking back.

12. Learn to say no when you don't feel happy with something but learn to say yes when you're just scared.

13. Know that staying in is often a way better shout than going out and getting drunk. Don't question this, you know it is true.

14. No matter how many times you wake up at 6:30 in the morning you will never get used to it and you will never like it, you just have to accept it.

15. Shaving your bikini area is bloody hard work and to be honest most of the time I can't be bothered.

16. Saving is as boring as hell but it's bloody fantastic when you get to go on a £300 holiday and your mate is stuck in Kent for a camping weekend.

17. Being tee total isn't boring, it's your choice and it's your life, if you can still throw shapes and look like an utter doughnut without needing alcohol then you are have cracked it.

18. Being single doesn't mean you are missing something, you should never feel like you need a man, you don't need anyone but your mum.

19. Mental health isn't just about panic attacks and not wanting to leave the house, it can be the tiniest thing that you think is inadequate but if it affects you then it matters and you should never be afraid to be heard. Speak to people and no doubt someone will be feeling the exact same, life can be pretty shit for everyone at some point, remember that.

20. There is no greater comfort than food, I swear it has healing powers. Also there is nothing cheeky about having a Nando's, just enjoy it and stop worrying about the bloomin' calories.

21. That retail job that you don't particularly like, it's still a job, you are still earning money and so you are still nailing life.

22. No one will ever notice the small blackheads on your nose, the way your left ear turns upwards or the mole you have on your neck, everyone is far too worried about themselves to be worrying about you.

23. We will all suffer with piles, cystitis and constipation at some point, it ain't glamorous but it's life so please don't laugh at your friend when she is walking like she has shat herself.

24. The pill won't magically give you bigger boobs, it won't clear up your acne and it won't increase your sex drive, it will probably make you feel like shit and it could very well give you depression.

25. A good career won't fix everything and it doesn't equal happiness.

26. It's okay to want attention SOMETIMES, you are a woman who wants to feel beautiful, we all want to feel beautiful, even if it's just by the man in the bar who offered to buy you a drink, it's not demeaning to want to feel attractive.

27. Skincare is worth the investment, baby wipes are an absolute beaut at 1 am when you wanna crawl into bed with as minimal effort as possible but you will prob look far worse come morning.

28. You don't always need to be strong, cry without feeling weak and be sad because you are allowed to, you are only human, not super woman.

29. Being jealous doesn't make you a horrible person, Beyonce has her own private island and yeah I'm pretty pissed off about that.