Friday, 16 September 2016

The 'I can't afford any of it' Wishlist

Anyone else had an insane sense of urgency to run out and buy all things Autumn? 

It suddenly dawned on me that I needed a pumpkin spiced latte back in my life, a dark berry lipstick in my makeup bag and possibly a whole new wardrobe. Then that thing happened where you realise you don't actually have the spare money (cause cars, insurance and life) so you go back home with your pumpkin spiced latte and put together a wishlist instead. 

Ta Da. 

But seriously, how beaut is that bra? 

I also kinda have a thing for embroidered stuff at the moment and after seeing the pair of jeans in Topshop for about £40 I was eager to find a slightly cheaper alternative, well New Look have done me proud, these beauties are only £30. 

I'm yet to buy or even attempt to wear a choker because I do feel I will look like a bit of a bell-end but I thought this one was really pretty as well as being a bit edgy, still not sure if I'm quite ready to brave the look though. 

What's on your Autumn wishlist? 

Bralette // Heels // Jeans // Dress // Skirt // Choker // Bag