Friday, 23 September 2016

My Brow Growth // Products That Actually Work

Now I know my no-makeup face isn't exactly the first thing you would want to see before you eat your breakfast but I wanted to show you exactly what I've had to work with over the past few years. There's nothing I find more frustrating than someone raving about a product but not offering any visible proof of how great it is. So YES I am afraid the photos were necessary...

Now I should begin by saying that my brows are a work in progress.
No scrap that, they are a pain in the arse.

As you can see, I had very little brow to start off with.

A lot of people look for products that can make their brows thicker, darker and fuller, I however had to look for a product that would encourage complete re-growth. As you can see the inner parts of my brows basically didn't have a single hair, I would get ridiculously excited if even one tiny little strand would sprout up and no it is not because I got tweezer happy, it is simply genetics.

Cheers dad.

Alas, my chubby little square face looks more like a hard boiled egg.

So yeah, I was pretty content with my boiled egg for a good few years until boom, the whole world went eyebrow crazy and I was left feeling like a bit of a loser, the loser with shitty brows.

So I took it upon myself to re-grow and save my brows, it has actually taken bloody ages becasue I was literally starting from scratch but you see if I can do it then so can you.

There has been slightly more progression in my left brow than there has in my right but either way I am thrilled with the results.

There is still a way to go until I will be 100% happy with them but I would say this is the best I have seen them in years.

Not pictured because I'm pretty certain I threw the empty tube in the bathroom bin and as much as I love my blog I cannot bring myself to fish through it because I will definitely heave. Anywho, this is a great product but you have got to be patient, over the past two years on and off I have been through about 4 of these and they aren't cheap, your best bet is to buy from Amazon at a slightly cheaper price. I've been through so many because I made the mistake of seeing re-growth and then instantly heading to get my brows threaded by the same woman who seemed to take pleasure in plucking away at every new hair. I have since learnt to find a new brow lady, a much nicer one, who actually wants me to look half decent.

I would say I noticed growth at about the 6 week mark, it literally did happen overnight, just as you're drafting up your letter of complain to demand you get you money back you'll notice a few hairs come to the surface.

I've taken a break now that I have finished the tube but I think perhaps in a couple of months I will re-purchase just to see if I can get anymore new growth from it.

Eylure Nourishing Oil
I started using this after about 5 weeks of using rapidbrow just as an extra, it's considerably cheaper and smells rather lush. I'm not sure of how effective this has been for my brow growth but I do feel like it sped up the process a little, I continue using this everyday though as it's very nourishing and I like to feel like I am giving my brows a little treat.

Eylure Dybrow 
Once I noticed a considerable amount of growth I decided to get my brows shaped and I also got myself an at home tinting kit as my hairs are rather fine and I really wanted to be able to see the results as clearly as possible.

For the first time in forever I actually don't mind going out without any product in my brow, I never thought I would be saying that. Like I said they are still far from perfect but I honestly think that if I have hope then so do you.