Friday, 2 September 2016

A Boots Beauty Haul + First Impressions

Whoops, here's a haul.

NYX Lip Butters 

Guess who's late to the party?

I know it's good to be fashionably late but I feel it's embarrassingly late to be jumping on the 'I love NYX' bandwagon. In my defence however, my local Boots, or any other Boots in a 24 58686 radius to my house just doesn't want to stock it.... So I had to wait until I ventured to Brighton. 

Naturally I ran straight to the lip butters. 

These little beauties are gorgeous, I picked up three of the lip butters instead of the matte ones purely because anything matte just doesn't agree with my face or my lips. Picking out three colours was a job and a half because they are all so pretty, I also have to remind myself that I am a pale redhead and despite how beaut the bright coral colour is I undoubtedly would look like a bit of a twat if I ever tried to pull it off. I wouldn't say the staying power is super amazing but for the price and the way they make my lips feel I really don't mind reapplying every so often. 

I also only have one pictured because I've managed to already lose the other two, I'm guessing they are under the backseat of my car somewhere or buried beneath a mountain of receipts at the bottom of my bag...

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower 

I so wanted to love this, I'm the laziest person when it comes to routine, the simpler the better. Three minutes standing around in my shower, no streaks, no faff, just a gorgeous glow, sounds good right?
Only no, my body looks no different and I've used it twice, well apart from the fact I have a huge brown splodge of tan on my ankle and a streak up my thigh which just looks like I've painted half my leg brown.

A big no no.

I do love the St Tropez Gradual Tanning Moisturiser though so I'm willing to overlook this one! 

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry 

I love the Barry M Hi Shine nail polishes, I always think they look super sleek and fancy. I usually stick to nude colours - browns, pale pinks and neutrals when it comes to nails, I usually pile on a shit load of gold rings, so I like the colour of my nails to be really quite simple. 

This shade is really not neutral but it's the coolest colour of blue, it's incredibly striking and really brightens up my whole wardrobe which resembles that of someone in mourning. It also has great staying power, I applied two coats and after about 5 days it was only just starting to need a retouch.

Although summer is slowly slipping away I am kinda tempted to just go crazy and buy all the colours of the rainbow..

Paw Paw Lip Balm 

I am such a sucker for lip balms, I recently tried the Nuxe lip balm, the super pricey one that everyone bloody raves about, only I absolutely hated it, it was so bity and weird feeling on my lips. Anyone else?

Anywho, I usually can't help but check out the lip balms in Boots just in case they have anything new that I have yet to try. I was pretty drawn to this one seeing as it was an Australian brand and I am probably Home and Aways biggest fan - and yes that is enough to make me buy a lip balm.

I love this. It's so simple, no fragrance, no colour, just a lovely moisturising, super rich balm.

I find it a tad heavy for the day but I usually apply before bed and I wake up with lovely soft lips. 

NYX Retractable Eye Pencil

I am completely in love with this eye pencil, I never thought I would see the day when I could use an eye pencil on my upper lash line that wouldn't smudge and leave me with a huge black eye by the end of the day.

Hallelujah, praise the lord, I've found one.

It was relatively pricey for an eye pencil - well it was a fiver but times are tough.
It had 'no smudge' in the title so I figured it was worth a go, I only use liner on my upper lash line because my lashes are ridiculously fair and I look a little bit like a piglet without giving my eyes some kind of definition. Everything I have ever tried has smudged after a couple of hours and somehow manages to work it's way down to my under eye circles, leaving me with a rather unattractive smudgy black mark. This one however is yet to do that, even after a 12 hour busy, sweaty shift at work.

Hugeeeee thumbs up from me. 

Maybelline Classic Mascara in Brown 

I've been on the lookout for a brown mascara for what feels like forever but all I ever find is 'black' or 'blackest black' - what is even with that?! I was actually just gonna pick up this mascara but in black, as I have been doing for about a year, I am hocked on this mascara, it is my absolute fave. I then noticed they had it in brown, clearly I've never actually looked particularly well.

I knew I'd like it because it's my favourite mascara anyway, I wouldn't say it's noticeably brown, it still looks pretty black to me but it is a slighter lighter shade and does look a little better against my really pale skin so yeah I'll probably repurchase.

I've already been to Boots and bought far too much again this week so I may well be doing another haul pretty soon. 

What are your drugstore faves at the moment?