Friday, 30 September 2016

A Big Makeup Revolution Haul for Less Than £30

You know that 'Oh I'll only pop in for one thing' kinda trip to Superdrug? Well that didn't happen.

The makeup aisle happened. 

I'm not even a makeup kinda girl, I am a skincare obsessive at heart but one will be swayed by beautiful palettes and rose gold packaging. 

I'm looking at YOU Makeup Revolution. 

Lip Amplification Gloss in Conviction // £3
So I thought I would swatch this in Superdrug as one usually does when browsing the makeup aisle,
biggest mistake.

I have since washed my hands twice and I actually cannot get it off... help?!

If you look carefully you can definitely see the leftover stain on my hand. As you can probably tell this has serious staying power, I wore it for an evening out and the colour really didn't leave my lips. I'm not entirely sure this shade is the most flattering on my super pale skin but I will definitely be inclined to check out some of the more subtle shades. Why on earth I went for such a vampy purple I do not know, I think I was just having a panic after smearing it all over my hands #classy

Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar 2 // £6
I just get all the feels from this palette.

I posted a pic of this on my Twitter and you all fell a little bit in love. It's so beautiful, golden goddess comes to mind whenever I look at it.

Although I imagine this palette is made for darker skin tones than mine I like using a few of the golden shades as a highlight or even high up on my cheek bones as a blush, it's still a hugely versatile palette even for someone who doesn't really know one bronzer from the next.

The quality of these are amazing, they are all incredibly pigmented and have hardly any fallout which is always a winner in my eyes. I am keen to try out a few of the cooler toned palettes but at only £6 each they are all pretty affordable.

Blush Palette Blush Queen // £6
This is probably my favourite out of the two blush palettes, I say probably because they are both so beaut it's kinda like choosing between children. This does have a slightly more varied range of shades and that does mean I've been swaying towards this one a little more, as much as I love a golden glow I am pretty pale so I really do like a bit of colour to the apples of my cheeks to make me look alive.

Both palettes are incredibly pigmented so you really only need a light dusting on your brush. I also wore a shade from this palette last night to work and after my 5 hour shift it was still noticeable and left a lovely glow behind which I was super impressed with as most of my blushes fade away after about an hour.

New favourite palette brand I must say! They also have so many different palettes to choose from I really recommend checking them out.

Oval Face Brush // £7.99
This is actually what made me look at the Makeup Revolution stand to begin with, I spotted this down the brush aisle and after seeing the majority of Youtubers rave about the ridiculously overpriced oval face brush that is currently doing the rounds I thought I'd pick up a dupe.

This is single handedly the softest brush I have ever used to apply my foundation, it feels like an angel is caressing my face, it doesn't even aggravate the hideous, mountainous spots that are currently residing under my skin.

It is perhaps a little flimsy so I do tend to hold it by the head of the brush and not the handle but that may just be me being a little heavy handed.

In regards to how it makes my foundation look I can't say it's a miracle worker, in all honesty I can't really see a difference from when I use my expert face brush but just for how lovely it is to use and how pretty it looks on my dressing table I would for sure recommend.
If you like pretty things that is.

If you're a makeup obsessive then maybe it is worth splashing a little extra cash for another dupe.

Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur // £2
So I have a real thing about lipsticks actually lasting, I just don't see the point in wearing one if it will simply fade off after an hour so as with all my new lip products I wear them to work. A night shift usually means I won't eat or really drink and I won't be tempted to reapply or faff around all night. Although the colour had pretty much faded after 4 hours there was still a hint of something left on my lips and most impressively my lips were still baby soft and not at all flakey which for me is a huge thumbs up.

Also can we appreciate the rose gold packaging #goals

I mean for £2 I actually don't think you can go wrong.

Have you ever tried anything from Makeup Revolution?