Monday, 12 September 2016

#7 Blog Posts I Have Loved This Week

Ahh it's been a fair while since I've done one of these which irritates me because there is so much amazing content being published every single day which never gets the recognition it deserves, not that I have the social following of Kim K but ya know, I figure if I can share brilliant content with even just one person then that can't be a bad thing.

So why have I been slacking?
Well, this is what happens when you work all of the unsociable hours.

I actually have a day off today, would you bloody believe it, a day to myself. I have made a great deal out of doing a shit load on this day off so I can proudly declare that I have already completed a HIIT workout, walked to Tesco to get lunch in and walked the dog.

Now I'm sipping on a Starbucks caramel macchiato, lying in bed - loving life.

#1. Why We Need To Change The Way We Think About Our Bodies // Hannah Gale
This is the kind of post that makes me feel like a slightly better human being, becasue now I know it's not just me that secretly like it when I see someone looking a bit worse for wear, only becasue it makes me feel better about myself. That is not really okay though, we should be supportive and self-loving, easier said than done though, right?  

#2. You're Too Quite // Flip and Style
These people are just the worst, the ones who feel the need to tell you just how quiet you are.
I have now realised that actually no, I am not too quiet, I just know when to keep my mouth shut, unlike some people.

#3. 50 Quick Tips For Growing Your Blog // A Girl Obsessed
Who doesn't love a helping hand when trying to grow your audience and make your blog the best of the best and this girl knows what she is talking about, her blog is a beaut.

#4. 26 Things I Have Learned This Year // Gracie Francesca
Straight talking, hilarious and very honest.
Gracie is one of my fave bloggers/youtubers and her list is pretty much spot on, trust me, you will be nodding along whilst reading.

#5. How I Overcame My Shyness // Steph Style
So glad it wasn't just me who would go bright red the moment a teacher asked me a question in class, absolutely mortifying.. I really do think that shyness is something you eventually will grow out of, as you get older you really can't avoid putting yourself out there, you get a job and you kinda have to communicate with people. I still have my shy days, just like Steph but that just makes us who we are.

#6. Working From Home /One Year On // Dork Face
Anyone else a bit obsessed with what it's actually like to be a full time blogger, the kind that genuinely gets to sit at home all day? I guess it's the dream for the majority of bloggers but I also think it has it's downsides, I love this incredibly honest account of the struggles and the upsides to being a full time blogger, I take my hat off to those who make it work.

#7. Eat Smart Launch Party // Niomi Smart
I am so ridiculously excited to get my hands on this book, I'm not really a huge lover of eating a crazy healthy diet, I'm not vegan, plant-based or gluten/dairy free but I do like to fuel my body with good ingredients, I also love Niomi and her positive, shiny outlook on life. I'm hoping that once I get started with Eat Smart I will turn into a culinary queen... perhaps.

Which bloggers have you been loving this week?