Friday, 5 August 2016

Being More Aware - The Night My Friend's Drink Was Spiked

Not really the loveliest of posts to end your Friday with but honestly writing this is something I feel I have to do not just for me but for my friend and for every other woman out there. 

Last night me and four friends decided to head out to our local student night for a few cheapy drinks and a bit of a laugh because a large white wine spritzer for £2.20, yes please. We literally never go out anymore, turning 20 has turned me into a bit of a boring stay at home compulsive Netflix viewer, truth be told I will take a peppermint tea and a packet of digestives any day over going out out and getting dressed up, mostly because I only get annoyed when I can't take a banging selfie.

Anyways, with it being student night, we were lured in by cheap drinks, less manic clubs and no dead early starts the next day. We went to a club that we've been to countless amounts of times, we feel safe, secure and pretty familiar with our surroundings, we know the staff, we even like the staff so naturally we are more than happy to let our hair down, be a little off guard and throw some awful shapes on the dance floor - as you do. 

After about 2 hours I was ready to head home, sounds like a huge anti climax but I had work the following afternoon and I was pretty knackered, I got my things and got ready to leave just as my friend started complaining about how sick she felt. I have only ever seen her drunk once or twice in the 10 years I have known her, she doesn't drink silly amounts, neither of us do, we would never touch drugs and we are generally very careful with our drinks. I still can't pin point any moment in the night where she put her drink down un-supervised.

She downward spiraled pretty quickly from that point, whilst being slumped over the toilet, she went from talking pretty slowly to being completely un-responsive.

Between two of us me and my other friend managed to pull her completely lifeless body off of the toilet, all whilst being shouted at by a ridiculously unhelpful toilet assistant, who threatened to get the security to drag her out. Which is another issue in itself, it disgusts me that these issues aren't taken seriously, we explained that we thought she had been spiked yet we were made out to be stupid little drunk girls who were just making a scene. I for one only had about two wines, I was perfectly fine, what we needed was some help - which we didn't get.

Once getting her out the club my other friend had also stepped in, he pulled her into a cab and she lay over the three of us, completely out of it whilst we drove to the nearest house. We pulled up and she fell out of the cab, straight on the floor as the cabbie tutted and shook his head, thinking she was just a drunken state, again where is the help when needed. She was sick everywhere on the pavement but not just vomit but blood, now I'm no expert but I've seen enough on the TV to know that vomiting blood is never a good thing. She was completely lifeless, she couldn't even respond to us, we dragged her upstairs, put her into bed and lay with her, no sure of what the hell we were supposed to do.

We left her for about 20 minutes until we knew we had to call an ambulance, she started bleeding out the mouth, was trembling and kept shaking so violently the ambulance crew explained she was most likely having a seizure. I spoke to about three different members of the ambulance service on the phone over a 45 minute period, they were amazing it has to be said, asking questions, reassuring and keeping us updated on the situation. It took that long because although her state was seen as serious there is obviously always someone who need's help more.
We had to wait it out so we did and we didn't leave her side once, we also put on comedy central which sounds completely ludicrous now but at the time it's what we needed to ease the tension and create a little distraction for the god awful situation. 

Her breathing dipped a little and she wasn't conscious at one point. Feeling like your friend could die is probably the worst feeling I have ever gone through, it may sound dramatic and maybe it is, I know these things happen a fair amount but for me being so helpless and not being able to just fix her was the worst feeling in the world.

These things are serious, people take drugs but not everyone can handle them, she could have died, that is the reality of the situation. 

I want to just really point out the importance of keeping your drink on you at all times in the night, she may have placed it down on the bar for a short while but clearly that short while was enough time for someone to do something as disgusting as what they did. People are animals and honestly the anger I feel is unlike anything I have ever felt before. I am just grateful that she is okay and that we were all there for her. It just proves that drinking may be all fun and games but really it's dangerous and you need to be aware. 

It has opened my eyes and honestly it's put me off going out for a very long time. 

There is a happy ending though, she went off with the ambulance and they did some checks, confirmed that she had been spiked and then helped to get it out of her system.
She is now at home resting and sleeping it off and she doesn't remember a thing, which is really the best thing for her. 

I don't really feel like this post has a huge purpose or sense of direction, its more as a way of me venting and letting off some steam. It's also my way of trying to warn anyone else who likes going out, you don't have to be a huge drinker or even the loudest person in the room, people will target whoever they can, so please just be careful.