Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Using Twitter Chats to Promote Your Blog

So on Sunday night I participated in my first ever Twitter chat, I actually loved the first one so much I ended up joining in on another an hour later. I've always been intrigued by Twitter chats but I've never really had the balls to join in and actually speak up. I'm more of a listen and observe kind of person and there's nothing like hiding behind your phone to stop you from being seen and heard.

It can seem a little daunting and maybe even a little unnecessary but if you use it in the right way it's an incredible way to build up your readership and following and also meet some awesome new bloggers.

The community of bloggers out there is such a lovely community to be a part of, despite the fact I had never joined in before I was made to feel like I was a part of something and it was lovely. Not to mention I have never received so many notifications in one go, kinda made me feel like the sassy school girl everyone wants to be friends with. Seriously thought the amount of warmth and love you receive from fellow bloggers really warms my little heart.

I mostly just joined in because I was bored and feeling a bit lonely, two hours have never passed so quickly and as soon as you get stuck in you get completely lost in chatting to other bloggers. You can bond through similar answers, ask for advice, or just generally have a good old natter. It's also an amazing way of discovering new bloggers, not only do you usually come away with a few more Twitter followers but you can also usually expect to find some amazing new blogs to follow and in turn receive some interest in your own blog. It's such a shame that most of us only really read the blogs with a huge following as that is all we know, through Twitter I have discovered some truly amazing bloggers with a much smaller following but with huge potential and it's so lovely to support and engage with those through social media.

I also started these chats when I had about 8 followers soooo if you feel like you're gonna look like a sad loser on the internet then seriously don't worry, I already have that covered.

There are literally so many Twitter chats available that it's super easy to get involved in one every evening if you have the spare time. I just google UK blogger chats and there are always updated schedules online with the correct hashtags to use and the right accounts to follow to get involved. I'd say I'm now a little bit hooked, it feels like I've got about 56 587 billion virtual babes as friends and I LOVE it.

So if you're thinking of getting involved and want to find a way of getting your content out there then I can't recommend Twitter chats enough to do so.

Now it's time to make myself a galaxy hot chocolate with squirty cream and settle down for an evening of being glued to my phone. Sorry not sorry.

Here are a few of my current favourites:

Sunday - #lbloggers 7pm (also on Wednesday) - #bbloggers 8pm
Monday - #bdib 7pm (bloggers do it better) - #beautybabble 8pm
Tuesday - #fblchat 8pm - #Bloghour 9pm

Do you have any blogger chats that you love being a part of, I'd love to gatecrash...