Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pixi Glow Tonic - My skincare holy grail

I can't believe I waited so bloody long to get my hands on this delightful goodness in a bottle, it's raved about by everyone in the bloggersphere, it's a Caroline Hirons favourite and it's apparently a miracle worker - plus it sounds like something made by fairies.

I'll start off by saying my skin is a piece of work. Point blank, it no doubt causes me more stress than the Wimbledon final with Andy Murray will, WHICH IS TODAY! I've got my Chai Latte at the ready, a very British Asparagus and Salmon Quiche for lunch and I am feeling just about as patriotic as I possibly could. COME ON MURRAY.

Anyway I have digressed. So yeah, it's sensitive, to the point where the only two products I have in my routine are one cleanser and one moisturiser, both of which I use am and pm. It didn't like the Emma Hardy cleansing balm, despite the fact I paid about £40 for it but lets not talk about that. It didn't like the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and it didn't like the Elemis resurfacing cleanser. basically it likes nothing, despite the fact I like everything.

I knew the likeliness of my skin not breaking out was rather slim especially from an exfoliating toner which admittedly I have been using once a day, every day for about 6 days. Some people would say it's a bit stupid of me to even try but at heart I am a skincare junkie so it pains me not to try all the hyped about products.

So ya know, I thought why the heck not.

Turns out my skin absolutely loves it. Seriously, it hasn't dried it out, it hasn't caused breakouts, it's actually cleared my skin up. My scars have faded, my whiteheads have vanished and my skin is glowing. For the first time in forever I can leave the house without makeup actually looking like a 20 year old, not a hormonal 15 year old.

This stuff is my new holy grail, I've never really  had a product that I see as holy grail, one that I couldn't be without, but I think I've finally found it. Admittedly it is a little pricey for a toner but if something works this well I will pay the price, I also think it will probably last me a good few months so really it's not that expensive at all when you look at how much you get from a bottle.

My skin isn't by any means perfect, I am no Miranda Kerr, in any way, shape or form but it is looking pretty damn good. It's no longer dull and washed out, it just has a pretty little glow to it, kind of like I just stepped off the beach but instead I've been sitting in front of my laptop for 4 hours.

Overall this really is worth the hype, it's the first product that has really made a noticeable difference and for that I can only sing it's praises.

Has anyone tried anything else from the Pixi range because I am seriously tempted...