Sunday, 17 July 2016

7 Things That Have Made Me Smile This Week

The past week hasn't been a very good one, I think we can all agree that the shock of the Nice terror attack have left us all feeling a little empty inside. The idea that this is happening in the world we live in is terrifying. The saddest thing is it's not even a shock anything, it's a wake up call, it's an alarm bell ringing off in everyone heads that this is happening and this isn't going to just go away.

I have faith that there are enough of us in the world who want the same thing, peace, love and happiness, and I am just living in hope that that is enough to keep us united and strong.

I guess this is why I wanted to write this post, I wanted to reflect on the small things, and they are small things, that have made me smile this week. I like being a generally positive person, I have my moments but on the whole I like to laugh at ridiculous things because life is just too damn short not to, it's also far more exhausting being miserable and ice cream can get very expensive when all you do is sit under a duvet scoffing it every evening.

I'd really love to make this a regular thing on here as I like the idea of putting together all of the little things I have appreciated during the week so even if I have a shitty week I can always find a little light at the end of it.

Look at me being all positive and inspirational

#1 Andy Murray's Wimbledon Win
I know, I know, it's been and gone, the trophies been lifted and the world has very much moved on. I just love how united we became as a nation and as a country, especially with all the Brexit bullshit that has quite literally divided the whole country. It's so lovely to have been able to have witnessed such a special and heartwarming moment, even if I was so stressed I had to start pacing the living room.

#2 Birthday Flowers
After buying my mum a beautiful bouquet of white lilies for her birthday I completely understand how much lighter and more positive an area can become with a simple addition of a bunch of flowers, I guess it reminds me of new life and new opportunities, it's a simple concept but really makes the world of difference. If you go to Sainsburys you can pick up a small but beautiful bouquet for as little as £3.50 and your house can smell and look like SUMMER.

#3 Twitter Chats
I took part in my first Twitter chat for bloggers last Sunday and wrote a post regarding how effective they can be for growing your following and gaining interest from fellow bloggers. What I didn't touch on was how much they have helped me and my mindset the past week. I've been feeling a little lonely at times and honestly they make feel like I have about 23 858574 online friends who just completely get me. We are all hormonal, crying messes at times and bloggers are no different , it's just that whilst we wallow together we can bond over flat lays and page views.

#4 Pokemon Go
It's true what they say, this game is addictive, once you commit there really is no going back. I'm currently about to get ready to go out this evening on a forrest walk so I can catch some Pokemon - pure dedication right there.

#5 No One Is Perfect Blog Post
It's no secret that I have a slight girl crush on Corrie, she's the definition of a babe and her hair is just #goals. More to the point though her blog posts are always refreshing, she touches on beauty and fashion but she also touches on life, when I read her posts I always feel like she's talking to me in the same way my big sister would talk to me. Her recent post had me nodding along furiously as I read it because it kind of just sums up my thought process but also really made me think.

#6 The Darkest Secret
It doesn't exactly sound like a happy read and in all honesty it's not, a dead body has just been identified... however, point being I'm really enjoying getting back into reading and this book is SO gripping it's thrown me straight back in. There is nothing I love more than being so engrossed with a book that all I want to do is be tucked up in bed reading for hours, it takes me to a much happier place and allows me to forget all about my own worries for a while - it's the best escapism there is.

#7 Gogglesprogs
There is just something about children that makes me feel instantly happier and chirpier, they are so infectiously happy all of the time. The kids version of Gogglebox might actually be more of a favourite of mine than the original show. It never fails to put a smile on my face no matter what my mood, seriously if you need a little giggle and a mood lifter then just watch an episode of this, it's like a warm hug for your insides.