Sunday, 31 July 2016

#7 Blog Posts I Have Loved This Week

Let's share some more love shall we.

It's about the only thing I will share right now seeing as I'm hormonal and I outright refuse to let anyone touch my Cadbury's share bar - because ya know I need it. 

This post seemed to get a fair bit of love last week so I thought I would make it a bit of a regular thing, mostly because I adore reading these kind of posts myself.  It's quite hard to find new bloggers, I scroll through Bloglovin' on the daily and I love checking out links from Twitter chats but on the whole it's kinda hard work, maybe we all need to self promote a little more eh.

So yeah, maybe think of me as the smaller blogger cheerleader - minus the pom poms.

Anywho, here's what I've been loving this week.

#1. Loulabellerose // My Experience On The Pill 
It's no secret that I have struggled with depression and anxiety due to being on the contraceptive pill in the past, I never really considered how much it could affect how I felt but knowing that other people go through the exact same thing was so reassuring. Obviously it's not nice that anyone has to experience such severe side effects but it's so important to openly talk about them and that's why I loved this post, it voices how I felt and what I was thinking when I was going through that dark time and we should all talk about this so much more!

#2. Life's Little Dream// Why I love #GirlGang 
If you're a Twitter obsessive, like most of us I am sure, then you should be familiar with #TheGirlGang. Since starting my blog I have become ever so slightly obsessed with Twitter Chats, I hold my hands up, I kind of love them. The Girl Gang has to be one of my favourite communities, although the name slightly sounds like a 'you can't sit with us' kinda thang, it couldn't be more different. Filled with beautiful, inspiring, supportive and lovely people, this post highlights just how special they all are.

#3. Through The Mirror// 73 Blog Photography Prop Ideas You Already Own 
I will hold my hands up right now and admit that I am shit at photography. I do only have my iphone to work with but even that isn't an excuse anymore - maybe it's just me. This post has been an absolute godsend, seriously it's made me realise you can probably open your kitchen cupboard and find something Instagram worthy, who knew a tea towel could be so useful outside of the kitchen eh? Obviously not the one covered in gravy though.

#4. Katy Belle// How I Landed A Digital Marketing Job Without A Degree
As someone who didn't go to university I am always drawn to posts on how I can still be a sassy, independent, full time working woman, I also like the reassurance that I can actually still be a success without a degree, because there is pressure and I know we all feel it. This post just highlights the fact that there is life outside of Uni and there is absolutely no shame in not going! We need more of this.

#5. Dizzy Brunette// So You've Just Graduated From Uni 
Okay, so as stated above, I deffo haven't just graduated from Uni but none the less this post made me feel a little bit more okay about where I'm at with my life. It made me realise that although right now I'm not doing what I wanna be doing, I'm not in my "dream" job, whatever that hell that even is, but I'm doing alright. I'm earning money and I have a job, why shouldn't I be proud of that.

#6. Behind The Scent// 64 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas 
I'm never really a huge fan of these kinda posts because I always just think if you don't have any bright ideas then you just need to wait it out until you do kinda thing but I did really love this, mostly because it had really cool, fun ideas that I haven't seen anywhere else before.  If you are stuck for ideas or just need inspiration I highly recommend checking this out.

#7. Sophie Rosie// How To Do Santorini On A Budget 
Okay so I think this post has persuaded me to maybee venture to Santorini for my 21st! I've been trying to chose my dream destination for about 6 months now and I finally think I've made the decsion, it looks soooo beautiful and just think of the instagram posts... #dreamy

 Let me know in the comments if there's been a post that has stuck out for you this week, I'd love a look.