Friday, 29 July 2016

#19 Small Everyday Comforts For Those Crappy Days

You know those days when you just want to tuck yourself into bed (cause at the age of 20 no one else will do it for you), eat some nutella pancakes, watch a romantic film and be a blubbering mess because she got the guy and you didn't. 

Joke. Rom coms aren't real, they feed you lies and false pretences but then again Zak Efron and Gerard Butler are rather beaut sooo I suppose I will begrudgingly still watch them. 

Anyway point is, you know what I mean, you just want to reach out for a little comfort and feel about 10 again when nothing to you was more important in life than finding your sim a relatively good looking husband that wasn't a commitment-phobe. SO forget about your upcoming car insurance or your phone bill and how you've probably gone over your data by about £75 because today you just don't need to care. 

#1. Lying in bed and hearing the rain patter against the window, I know it supposedly rains a lot here in England but I feel this never happens anywhere near as much as it needs to. 

#2. A full English breakfast cooked by the one person who does it best - your mumma. 

#3. In fact anything cooked by your mum because she understands how you need your peas not touching your carrots but your carrots not overlapping your broccoli. You get me? 

#4. Knowing that everything can change in a week and it most probably will. Time doesn't stand still for you and that is one of life's great comforts. What is bothering you today, it may not be bothering you next week, but if it is then it's okay because in time it will fade and you will be okay again. 
You are a strong, sassy independent woman and you have got this. 

#5. A hot cup of coffee, not from Starbucks, just your bog standard instant coffee with a shit tonne of sugar, milk and heck throw in some syrups too if you've got some lurking around in the cupboard. I like to mix a teaspoon of hot chocolate powder into mine to make some kind of a mocha, it's one of my favourite little luxuries and makes me feel all warm and cosy from the inside. 

#6. Buying something from Asos and choosing next day delivery. I mean I don't know if this is comforting for anyone else but me but I bloody love it. Just don't check your bank balance and don't think about what you've spent, there's just something about browsing through beautiful things online that soothes my insides. 

#7. Going on a long drive with my aux cord. I love long drives, I would find them better if I had a chauffeur and a pair of earphones in so I could pretend to be in the background of a music video but ya know as I don't I just drive myself. There's something about focusing solely on the road that makes me forget about all my worries and my stresses, unless I come into contact with the A13 and a road closure.

#8. Lighting candles and buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whenever I read this on a blog I always think 'oh gosh another one who claims flowers have healing powers' but then I went out and actually bought some flowers (Sainsburys £3 btw) and my god I am a convert. And well candles because they are pretty and cute and smell good. 

#9 Sitting in Costa. I walk through the park to my local town centre and sit by the window in Costa to watch the world go by. I do take my notebook and a pen so I don't look like an absolute loner. There is just something about watching people go about their everyday business that makes me feel relaxed and at ease. 

#10. Melting milk chocolate and pouring it over rice crispies - if you haven't tried this, you actually haven't lived. 

#11. Cuddling the dog regardless of whether he likes it or not because he's just a giant teddy bear that actually moves and breathes yet he's not human and he doesn't answer back, it's great. 

#12. Going through old photo albums, I seriously love doing this, I think sometimes we all need to reminisce. I love looking back at pictures of when I was little with my big sister and my parents before they got divorced, it just makes me feel lucky to have those special memories and reminds me to treasure them far more than what I do. 

#13. Visiting my nan will forever be one of my most treasured things to do. She will always make me a shepard's pie with thick gravy, carrots and peas and she will probably buy me a chocolate cake because she just knows. We also chat for a good 4 hours about everything from politics to her neighbour called Graham, who she thinks has the hot's for her - she is just the best. 

#14. Remembering that the best days of my life haven't happened yet - I know they say you should live in the moment and blah blah but when you struggle with your mindset at times it can be nice to have things to look forward to. Just remember that you have so many things worth living for and so many things that are yet to make you smile.

#15. Taking off your bra, throwing on a large t-shirt and curling up in bed under the duvet with a good book. This is the single best thing I know of for taking your mind off the things that are bugging you and making you feel rubbish - it takes you to a different world filled with endless possibilities, one filled with unicorns and rainbows if you wish. 

#16. My best friend is my absolute rock, she will always be there for me and that in itself is a huge comfort.   

#17. Getting involved with a Twitter Chat is something I now do as often as I possibly can because honestly they make me feel so relaxed and happy, for someone who can often feel quite lonely it's so lovely to have fellow bloggers to talk to and share some blogging love with. So simple yet they've also kinda saved me when I've been seriously down. 

#18. Going to M&S and buying some percy pigs and then maybe going to Tesco to buy some cookie dough ice cream because I dont know about you but food is my number one biggest comfort and I just LOVE it. 

#19. Reading through blog posts about life struggles. Kylie lip kits aside us bloggers are all only human and as much as we post about the pretty things in our lives we also all have shitty days. Hannah Gale is my number one girl for making me feel human again, she has suffered with mental health over the years and as bloody goals as her Insta is she is still just about as real as you can get. #LoveHer.

What comforts you on days when you aren't feeling so great?