Sunday, 19 June 2016

The one for angry, irritated skin - Catastrophe cosmetic

You know when you just wake up one day, go about your normal business, take a quick glance in the mirror and 'MY GOD THERE'S A VOLCANIC ERUPTION ON MY FACE'.  Absolutely livid, because quite frankly I've eaten a shit tonne of spinach and kale, I've endured more quinoa and goji berries than I care to even think about and still I've broken out like I eat McDonalds every day of my life.

I may as well eat McDonalds every day of my life.

I can kind of only point the finger at my new found hope of calming down my PMS, evening primrose oil. My skin is a bit of a snob, anything new and it turns its nose up at in the most unladylike fashion, by which I mean it breaks out in hideous, painful cysts and whiteheads. I started taking the supplement just as a way of easing my mood swings and hopefully calming down my period cramps, I never really gave two seconds thoughts about it affecting my skin but like many other supplements I've ever tried my skin usually can't take it.

After waking up with about 7 small pimples and 2 huge painful cysts on my face I tutted and tried not to get too stressed by it, in times like these I up the anti and eat as many almonds and walnuts as I can get my hands on and just generally try and be extra good. The annoying thing is I only ever eat quite well anyway.

I popped into Lush on said afternoon just to pick up another pot of ultrabland and got chatting to a lovely lady who works there, we naturally spoke about skincare and I got carried away telling her my dramatic story of volcano face. I absolutely adore Lush but its no secret that the majority of products I have tried have left my spot spotty, red and irritated. The only thing I can rely on is ultrabland, hence why I've got about 13 million empty pots lying about the house.

She kindly recommended a few products that she thought could help, Lush people are so darn friendly anyway but I usually just nod and smile along, knowing full well I don't have the intention of buying anything that is being massaged into my hand, despite how heavenly it smells as it'll probably result in a breakout. Lovely lush lady didn't just tell me about the mask I so desperately needed in my life she just decided to chuck me in a free full size pot of it instead.


It's not a product that will necessarily get rid of spots but its been a lifesaver in calming down my inflamed, sore, angry spots in reaction to the evening promise oil. It does leave my skin a tad dry which is pretty irritating but provided I only use it once every few days it's not a major issue. In regards to those under the skin pain in the arse spots, it's left those pain free and bought them to a head overnight which is pretty good going if you ask me.

This will be my new go to for when my skin gets up in my face and I'm close to having a breakdown.

Would I actually buy this product? You know what, I think I just might.

Right after I try and blag myself another freebie.

p.s - this needs to be kept in the fridge, much to my mums dismay, turns out she doesn't appreciate a face mask situated next to the cheese.