Friday, 3 June 2016

Oh Hi There

I don't want to point out the obvious but just incase you missed the title, the rather large thing in the middle of the screen at the very top of the page, my name is Sophie.
I really wanted to come up with a blog name that would blow everyone else's out of the water. Something cool and relatively interesting, something so good you would want to actually read this because you were just dying to find out more about the creative genius that could have come up with a blog name that bloomin' good.

Unfortunately when it came down to it I got impatient and just did what everyone else does.

So welcome to my self entitled blog.

What makes my blog any different from anyone else's? Well probably absolutely nothing but I will be sure to try and keep it interesting.

Lets get down to the actual facts.
I am actually, as of today, unemployed. Yep. You read that correctly; blog post pending about that current situation.

Otherwise life isn't going too badly.

My biggest achievement to date, other than passing my driving test, was becoming a writer for the online site Career Girl Daily. Ive been writing for CGD for around a year now and I absolutely love it, so much so that I wanted my own piece of the internet to call mine and put a stamp on.  If you would like to check out my work then please find a link here. Cheeky little plug right there!

I guess Im really quite basic, I like sushi, as does everyone else on the planet. I like pasta and I like Ben and Jerry's, I don't enjoy the gym anywhere near as much as pretend to and I like Starbucks more than I should. I think that's about as exciting as I get.

I guess its always just nice to put a face to a name so there is my face and here is my blog, I very much hope you'll give me a chance and possibly want to read what I have to say once in a while, here's to many more posts.

*raises tea*