Thursday, 30 June 2016

New Look bomber of all Bombers

Who else is a little tiny bit late to this bomber jacket shindig?
Who else vowed to never ever cave in to this ridiculous trend and swore she wouldn't be seen dead in a bomber jacket?

*Raises both hands*

But in my defense it is a rather cute little trend.

Reason I was so adamant this trend just wouldn't catch on was because I couldn't take everyone suddenly being okay with wearing something that my dad has quite literally been wearing his whole life. In fairness his jacket is green and dad like, not exactly flowery and cute but ya know.

This was in the sale though and it's kind of black, minus the many many colourful pretty little flowers, soo it passes my wardrobe requirements.

Has anyone else gone a little bit obsessed over how many sales there suddenly are, I swear it's causing havoc with my plans to save.

Too Many Nice Things.

Get it here - if ya wanna attract all the bees.