Saturday, 11 June 2016

My struggles of Job Hunting

So here I am unemployed and currently loving life.

I may be pretty skint and a tad bored but in between the short outbursts of shame and failure Im having a whale of a time, literally binging on Teen Mom all day is really not so bad. However, as a 20 year old ex apprentice (I quit FYI, I didn't get fired) I realise my unemployment kind of needs to be short lived. Also the pain of not being able to afford the River Island espadrilles I want so badly is breaking my little heart just a tad.

So yeah, back to the good old job searching days I go.

I realised aged 16 after I failed to pass the online application for Primark's Saturday assistant that my road to employment was going to be one hell of a bumpy one.  They apparently wanted me to have a degree, a year’s experience in retail and more sass than Gok, none of which I had when I was 16, or have even now, aged 20. The point being, it seems near impossible to get a job, there is always someone better, always someone more experienced and always something far more exciting to be doing than applying to endless job ads.

So whilst halfheartedly scrolling through Indeed/ half watching yesterdays This Morning I have complied a list of the struggles that I face day by day as a member of the SAU - that's skint and unemployed for those of you wondering.

1. There are not enough jobs out there, for every job I have applied for there have been over 100 applicants. Now I’m not much good at percentages but I do know that makes my chances incredibly slim, this does not help with my motivation, it likely just makes me want to give up and accept defeat.

2. How much longer can I get away with saying “I’m looking but there is just nothing out there”, I say this at least once I day. I swear it's true, its not my fault there's just nothing available... well nothing that suits me anyway.

3. Does anyone else get way too carried away by what you could potentially be earning, I know I haven’t even applied yet but it doesn’t hurt to dream. Realistically it should go straight into my savings, even more realistically I will spend it in Forever 21 and maybe on Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Sometimes I like to open up a separate tab and scroll through Asos as motivation to actually apply to something, I swear this works an absolute treat.

4. I am now sick of my own CV. At this point I have literally sent it to everyone I have possibly ever known, my mum, my dad and even my best friend have a copy. I doubt anyone's even reading it but you never know. Maybe I didn’t win the year 10 chess championship at secondary school nor did I come first in my local charity fundraising race but no one else needs to know that, do they.

5. If I have to write Dear Sir/Madam one more time I am going to cry, does anyone actually ever read a cover letter because I feel like they don’t, yet I have to spend half my day writing them. I've also come to realise you cannot just change the company name in a bog standard letter, you have to tailor them. God damn it.

6.All this job hunting just makes me wonder when the new PLL season will be out on Netflix? Seriously, we unemployed have a lot of time on our hands. I have been through pretty much every series on Netflix, twice, and I need some light entertainment to help with the endless rejection.

Maybe I should just start my own business, there must be a gap in the market for me somewhere.