Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Phone Case is cooler than - SkinnyDip Faves

I often can't keep my beady little eyes away from the Skinny Dip display in Topshop, it's hard not to be drawn towards it's glittery, sparkly, unicorn and cupcake filled existence - it's literally Instagram goals in a nutshell. 

Well in a phone case.

So yeah, just look at my insanely cute new phone case, I know I know, I'm now the exact definition of a basic bitch but do I care? No I do not and neither should you, have you seen the Skinny Dip range. Not to mention I've received so many compliments since buying it, £15 is a tad steep for a phone case I admit but it's an investment and it looks cute so who cares. 

Check out some of my favourites.