Thursday, 30 June 2016

Falling back in love with reading

I think the last book I read cover to cover was To Kill a Mockingbird, not through choice, just because it was required for me to at least attempt to pass my English A level. Studying English at college literally took all of the joy out of reading, it felt so forced to have to jot down notes, scrutinize every word rather than just enjoy what was written on the page. I also detested going around the class in turn each reading out a few pages, talk about making you feel self conscious.

Before that, reading meant being tucked into bed as an 11 year old with my eyes transfixed on the latest Jacqueline Wilson novel. It's like I had forgot how enjoyable reading really is, it takes you to a different place, almost allows you to be in someone else's head for a while and I love it.

Sometimes someones elses head is way better than my own.

I wanted to reclaim my love for reading, my house is full of books, they are literally everywhere so it wasn't hard to get started. My first choice was Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, a recommendation from a friend, who warned me it's rather sickening in places - sounded like my kinda book.

OMG it was amazing, the kind of book I went to bed dreaming about, it's a tad disturbing and rather twisted but it was so good that even if that's not your kind of thing I think you would still love it. It's a hefty old thing, not really appropriate for reading on the train as it has the tendency to make your arms ache a little so maybe see if its available on kindle -  I would have checked for you but I'm not fancy enough to have a kindle.

My current read is The Beach by Alex Garland, it's a book that I couldn't quite get into at first but I vowed to give it a go. I'm now 3/4 of the way through it and although I still don't feel I really know what's going on I haven't given up on it so I'm guessing I must kinda like it, right?

My next book that I have lined up is the Girl On The Train, probably one of the most talked about books of the year! I'm ridiculously excited to get started on this one, I just hope it lives up to all my many expectations....