Monday, 13 June 2016

Dear Diary - Anaemia, Coffee and Corgis

As I write this I am eagerly awaiting the next episode of Made In Chelsea, having just made an impulsive trip to Tesco with Castor Oil smothered through my hair (apparently it makes it grow??) I now feel slightly reflective. Not that Tesco is the place to go to 'find yourself' but I can't help but feel my last minute trip to the dessert aisle was a slight cry for help, if not just a hormonally induced moment of pure greed.

Jokes aside, it's been an odd week.

Not bad, not great, just odd. I quit my job, not in a particularly dramatic fashion but still it happened. Made me feel pretty damn powerful and sassy as hell until I realised I am now unemployed and can't actually afford the New Look shoes I just bought - they are hella cute though. As much as I miss the office dog, Frank,  I know I made the right choice, even if I can't keep on buying the New Look shoes.

Oh how I missed you Monday morning lie ins.

My anaemia has been playing havoc with me, I never quite understood what it meant to be so tired you can't actually get out of bed. I literally stand up and flop right back over. However, my doctors appointment is pending so hopefully that'll get me back up and bouncing off the walls. Having waited a month just to get the appointment I am rather tempted to make a list of my ailments just to save myself the trouble of going again a few weeks down the line, clever right.

Also it turns out sitting in coffee shops alone with a new notebook and a pen is way better than doing so with a friend. I got more shit done in that hour than I would at home that's for sure, although the whole cafe most probably thought I had been stood up.  There's something rather lovely about sitting on your own as the world goes about their business, its rather satisfying, dont ask me why.

As much as I enjoy lunching alone and sipping on iced coffee I have been a busy little bee, I handed out several copies of my CV, all of which could well now be face down in several people's waste bins never to see the light of day but hey I tried.

Being 20 and unemployed is perfectly normal right, that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

I vowed not to write posts of an evening as it's usually this time in the day that I turn on the TV and fall into a state of helplessness, by this I mean "do not talk to me I am busy watching something trashy that requires all of my attention". Also, my mind is slightly wandering as I am lured in by the ever so complicated relationship of Binky and JP so do excuse me as I check out of the internet and check into Chelsea.

Over and out.