Tuesday, 21 June 2016

2 Netflix shows that gave me goosebumps

Hot Girls Wanted 

I need to talk more about documentaries, a guilty pleasure of mine, only guilty because when I'm watching them I'm usually supposed to be working.

We all have our faves, the ones so good you just want to take some annual leave, buy a bucket load of popcorn and take in all of the factual goodness. One I've been meaning to watch for a fair few weeks now (gossip girl may or may not have got in the way) is Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary uncovering what it's really like to be a newbie in the world of porn. A little grittier and hard hitting than your bog standard David Attenborough documentary but still just as gripping none the less.

Honestly from start to finish I was hooked, I even cried and I never cry, unless I'm hormonal and I see a save the children advert on the tele. The world of Porn is really rather a mystery to me, at the risk of sounding like a right old prude I should probably add that it doesn't really faze me either way. I have always thought that what you choose to do in the comfort of your own home is entirely up to you and whilst it still very much is, seeing the girls that are a part of that makes it a whole lot trickier to not have an opinion. Being somewhat naive to the whole industry is what made watching the documentary a whole lot harder. You see the behind the scenes, the rippling effect these girls choices have on their whole life, their families, their boyfriends, their self esteem, it's heartbreaking.  Of course its "their choice" and I guess ultimately it is but you cant help but feel they have been sucked into this world that just isn't real, all they want is a few thousand Twitter followers, a nice car and a chance to travel the world and I guess who can really blame them.

What I really found hard to watch was the derogatory scenes the girls are expected to film, those where men look down on them, talk to them like shit and force themselves on them, it would be seen as rape if the girl wasn't get paid for it. Its disgusting and I honestly felt sick to the stomach having to watch it, what kind of a person enjoys that kind of viewing for their own pleasure but more to the point what kind of young 12 or 13 year old girl or boy is watching it. Its a dangerous world we live in and its a dangerous kind of industry, we all choose to forget about it and pretend that the internet is a happy place used only for the enjoyment of watching puppies and talking kittens but in reality its not, its far more real that any of us want to believe and honestly I don't know how to feel.

All I know is I want to press resume on Gossip Girl and go back to being far too naive for my own good.

Line of Duty 

I'm going to be that annoying person that won't stop banging on about something weeks after it's been released but hey, this is my time to share the love.

This show is the shit.

I mean, really I'm not exaggerating, its single handedly the best thing I've ever seen from the TV.
The fact its BBC2 just blows my mind, no offence BBC2 but when I think of you I do usually only think of gardeners world and antiques roadshow.

I've successfully made my way through 3 seasons and am eagerly awaiting the next, although according to Google I'll be waiting until 2017. I thought season 1 was good, the first ep took me a bit of time to get into but by the end of season 2 I was absolutely gripped, in love with Steve and willing him and Kate to just get it on in the back room of the station. Season 3 was just something else, I wish I could find the words to express how good it was in writing but I just cant do it justice, you have to see it. I was on the edge of my seat, I also walked out to my car and thought I could get shot, that's how emotionally invested I became.

I was literally obsessed. I am still in mourning.